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Automation Use Cases For Your Legal Function

Automation Use Cases For Your Legal Function

Legal demand is growing faster than Legal capacity

In-house lawyers are under increasing pressure to do more with less. Managing a growing demand for legal support in an environment where budgets are flat or shrinking is the harsh reality for many teams we speak with.

There is a major need for legal to be made more accessible to the enterprise. Fortunately, Legal Automation has become sophisticated and specialised, and in-house teams now have the ability to manage risk across the business more effectively than ever.

Here are four examples of Legal Automation that every modern in-house Lawyer should have at their disposal:

1. Digitised approval and execution workflows

Save time and reduce risk by managing legal review, approvals and execution from anywhere, at any time, on any device.

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2. A "Request Legal Support" app

Any Lawyer will tell you their inbox is full of Legal support requests coming left, right and centre. New requests, old requests and a whole stack marked URGENT!

It’s all too easy for these requests (and the inevitable follow-up comms) to get lost in the noise.

Digitising legal intake ensures you get all the facts, every time. The best intake systems even integrate seamlessly with your Lawyers’ inboxes, triaging matters to the right Lawyers, boosting their productivity and maintaining a clear audit trail of all support requests.

matter management software

3. Automated self-service for common contracts

Top GCs are combatting the “more for less” pressure by introducing Legal technology that allows business users to self-serve standard agreements.

In the case of L’Oreal ANZ, this was non-disclosure agreements. By introducing automation, the Legal function was able to empower the business to take on repetitive, low-risk tasks, freeing the legal team for higher-risk, more strategic Legal work.

DSC 5314 copy 1024x607

4. Automated marketing compliance

Reviewing advertising material, requesting trade promotion permits and drafting terms and conditions for trade promotions is all essential but time consuming if managed manually.

Legal automation tools that allow marketers to generate standardised trade promotion T&Cs and self-determine artwork compliance are the transformation tools progressive Legal functions are using to get ahead.

Marketing 1

Over to you

Forward-thinking GCs are already leveraging technology to free up their people to focus on more strategic work.

Are you ready to join them?

Learn how Plexus Gateway legal automation software is helping companies accelerate the contract lifecycle, and reclaim time for strategic work.

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