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A few years ago we started sharing some best practices and insights with a small group of clients. Now we publish them online in an effort to benefit the broader in-house community.

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The Future of How Legal Work Gets Done

7 October 2019

Legal functions everywhere are under the pump to do more with less. When you look behind the data most don’t have a well-defined “service catalogue” for the business to know how and when to engage.

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Matter Management is for Law Firms

4 October 2019

The most progressive Legal functions are going a step further than Matter Management Systems and implementing Legal Service Management which has the business creating the “matter”.

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Legal is no longer a Black Box

3 October 2019

While traditional Legal functions are lamenting having to “Do More with Less”, progressive General Counsels are “Doing More with More”.

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The difference between Fixed and Agile legal functions

13 September 2019

Most General Counsels’ fixed view of talent models is outdated and holding them back.

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How to have a successful career – 22 lessons on life

10 September 2019

22 lessons on life from Plexus CEO Andrew Mellett

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How do you know if you need Legal Technology?

1 April 2019

9 capabilities to consider when evaluating Legal Technology.

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Embracing Legal Automation

27 March 2019

What Legal can learn from Marketing about successfully implementing automation.

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Why the traditional GC playbook is failing

19 March 2019

Twenty years ago, if you inherited a profitable business you could be comforted in the knowledge that, if you weren’t foolish, you could enjoy many...

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What is Legal Secondment?

15 March 2019

The ins and outs of Legal Secondment.

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How we’re using automation to improve Access To Justice

4 March 2019

Plexus is on a mission to Transform the Value of Legal Services for the benefit of our clients, our team, and society at large.

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Why Legal Systems of Record Fail…and why you desperately need one

13 February 2019

Let me tell you a trick that only a handful of progressive GCs know.

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The risks of thinking too small when adopting Legal Technology

1 January 2019

We recently sat down with a prospective customer who was describing the lay of the legal technology landscape within their organisation.

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