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A few years ago we started sharing some best practices and insights with a small group of clients. Now we publish them online in an effort to benefit the broader in-house community.

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Free The Lawyers

12 December 2018

We believe it is time to free the lawyers.

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What got you here, won’t get you there.

25 May 2018

What got you here, won’t get you there.  How our biases are holding us back. One of the greatest paradoxes we encounter in our careers...

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Legal A.I. – High on artificial, low on intelligence

17 November 2017

‘People overestimate the impact of AI in the short term, and underestimate the impact of AI in the long term’.  – Richard Susskind   Everybody’s...

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Contracts: The danger hidden in your desk drawer

26 October 2017

On average Legal functions spend 65% of their time on contracts, and 68% forecast contract volumes will continue to increase. Yet after execution, they become...

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Plexus Events: GC Thought Leaders of the Future

1 September 2017

The Legal Transformation Playbook: How leading functions are leveraging innovation and technology to deliver more for less “As CEOs plan their strategies to take advantage...

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Legal’s role in innovation

11 July 2017

Don’t put out the fire before it’s been ignited – a lesson for legal functions Innovation. Everyone’s saying it. CEO’s, Boards, The Government, even the...

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Business at the speed of light: 5 changes every legal function needs to make

23 June 2017

Competition is no longer about the big eating the small. It is about the fast eating the slow. It’s speed that will determine winners or...

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Why Legal Tech does not work: The top 8 mistakes GC’s make

8 May 2017

After many years of under-investment in technology, GCs are finally joining the party.  Sadly, many of them are setting themselves up for a hangover. Our...

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To do more. Do less.

10 April 2017

Below is an excerpt from an internal email that my colleagues at Plexus suggested I should share more broadly with our community. We need to...

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Legal Transformation: The new playbook

8 February 2017

“As CEOs plan their strategies to take advantage of transformational shifts,” the consultancy PWC suggests in their annual survey of CEOs “they are assessing their...

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The Legal Capabilities of the Future

12 September 2016

“As CEOs plan their strategies to take advantage of transformational shifts,” the consultancy PWC suggested in their annual survey of CEOs “they are also assessing their current...

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STOP Serving Your Clients

1 June 2016

Thinking of your business as ‘clients’ is breeding detrimental behaviours and destroying your function’s value.

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