Plexus is a place to do the most defining work of your career.

Opportunities to do more than just ‘work’ are rare. Come and be a part of something special.

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Be a critical part of an incredible team.

We’re building the best team possible, and we’re incredibly selective with who we hire. Being on the team at Plexus means working with some of the smartest, most capable people from all disciplines, all aligned to our mission to create the future of legal.

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Grow with us.

We love people who want to gain experience and grow. At Plexus you’ll work on challenging projects with some incredible people, and be given ownership of your role and output.

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Make an impact that matters.

Every team member makes a tangible and unique contribution to our success and the work you do will impact the lives of thousands of people all around the world. Through The Plexus Foundation we have also pledged a portion of the company’s value to charitable outcomes.

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We are our values.

Value positive intent

To do good work, we believe you have to truly want the best possible outcome for everyone involved. Our teams are full of people who are motivated by achieving the best outcomes for all rather than for one.

Value everybody wins

There is no sense in having only one winner in business. We believe the best win is when our clients, our people and society at large are all succeeding. Nothing we do is ever a zero sum game.

Value be owner

We act with intelligent autonomy. We value ownership, accountability and responsibility, and view problems as opportunities. We always come with a solution, and we measure outcomes rather than inputs.

Value am my word

We're big on keeping our commitments. We end meetings with clear actions, owners and deadlines, and we communicate early if something is off track.

Value best version

Trying to create the future is hard, and the skills of today are poorly suited for creating the work of tomorrow. To succeed, we need to be constantly growing as humans. The best part though, is that Plexus People believe that growing as humans is what life is all about.

Get a career, not just a job.

We want the best thing our company produces to be its people. We’re obsessed with finding great people and helping them grow. At whatever stage you’re up to, you’ll find an opportunity to stretch yourself and do the defining work of your career at Plexus.

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Our Roles

Ready to take the next step? Check out our Open Roles and let us know if you would like to learn more.

Like one of these roles but not sure if you’re the right person? Feel free to get in touch—we’d love to get to know you and how you might be a match for Plexus.

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