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Competition Draws in Australia

By Meagan Boschetti,

30 July 2020

Competition draws in Australia

Draw Requirements for competitions in Australia

For national game of chance promotions, a prize draw must be conducted within 30 days of the close date. Where practicable, members of the public should be given the opportunity to witness the competition draw.

Accordingly, the generated competition terms and conditions for your promotion must include the draw date and locations, which must be within Australia. You should also ensure that the competition draw dates do not fall on a weekend or public holiday.

For promotions across Australia, an unclaimed prize draw must be conducted at least 3 months after the original draw date (unless the prize is time dependent e.g. an event prize).

Electronic Prize Competition Draws

If the competition draw is to be conducted using a computerised random system, including a random number generator in excel, then approval is required in South Australia. Formal approval of the electronic drawing system must be obtained from the SA lottery department.

A manual competition draw whereby you collect printed entries and draw from a barrel/container, does not require any approvals. Find out more about electronic vs manual competition draws here.

Scrutineer Requirements:

A scrutineer might be required to witness your competition prize draw if your trade promotion is running in the following states:

  • NSW – if the total value of prizes is greater than $10K
  • SA – if the total value of prizes in a single draw is greater that or equal to $20K

Conducting prize draws in Australia and the approval process may create an unnecessary administrative burden on your office.

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