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Contract Automation Software

The world's most powerful end-to-end contract management platform, purpose-built for in-house teams to improve contract automation processes across Australia.

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document management software

A contract automation system that changes the game for in-house teams

Plexus Gateway provides teams with a single source of truth, effectively managing risk while increasing client satisfaction and employee engagement. It uses the world’s most advanced contract automation system to produce better and more cost-effective legal support faster through legal automation and self-service. Plexus Gateway's contract automation tools can manage your entire contract lifecycle from start to finish with powerful automation and contract management software.

Plexus Gateway’s contract automation solution simplifies the agreement process and gets contracts executed sooner, freeing your lawyers to focus on higher value tasks. Using these contract management tools, your team can track the progress of all required approvals - not just Legal - and easily add or remove any signatories from the agreement with its seamless DocuSign integration. As a bonus, Plexus Gateway's contract automation tools enable your Legal function to have every contract at their fingertips with the ability to search your executed documents by counter-party, renewal date and even for specific clauses. The contract management system is perfect for centralising your contracts and their metadata in a way that is safe and accessible, regardless of whether it’s your paper or the other party’s.

Plexus Gateway’s contract automation system also automatically reminds your team when a contracts are up for renewal, need attention or are about to expire so they can be proactive and get the first foot in the door when it is time for renewals and renegotiation. For the first time, Legal can become the strategic partner legal should have always been with Plexus Gateway's contract automation tools; the best solution for contract automation in Australia.


Key tools every In-house Legal Function needs

The world's most advanced legal automation
Faster, better and more cost effective legal support delivered through automation and self service

End-to-end contract management tools
Manage your entire contract lifecycle from start to finish with powerful contract management tools

Search, analytics & reporting
Access rich data and analytics to gain insight into the performance of your legal function with simple reporting tools and dashboards

Plus much more

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A General Counsel's guide to modernising their legal function.

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