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Plexus Gateway Document Management System

The world's most powerful end-to-end document management system, purpose-built for in-house teams

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A game-changer for document management systems

Plexus Gateway brings order to the chaos by providing teams with a single system of record, effectively managing risk while increasing client satisfaction and employee engagement. It uses the world’s most advanced document management system to securely hold contracts and other relevant documents with powerful automation and a built-in audit trail management system.

At its core, Gateway’s document management system stores all your businesses contracts - and the facts, briefs and advice given in the lead up to the contract’s execution - in one single location allowing you to better manage risk. With Gateway, your lawyers can easily access any contract in your business when they need it so they can advise and provide value to your business sooner, rather than later.

Plexus Gateway has been designed to help the ‘risk-informed’ (Legal) to easily transfer information to the ‘risk-empowered’ (the business). Gateway’s world-class document management system not only stores legal documents, but has the built it functionality to automate the transfer of information through alerts, storage, search, dashboards, and reporting.

Gateway uses intuitive AI to power advanced search and optical character recognition (OCR). This innovative technology is able to quickly locate information from your legal documents stored in the system that you may have previously only held as hardcopies in filing cabinets and send alerts based on their status. Gateway also stores communications and records taken during the negotiation and briefing stages of the contract so your Legal team can be informed of past actions that led to each contract when they are ready for renewal.


Key tools every In-house Legal Function needs

The world's most advanced legal automation
Faster, better and more cost effective legal support delivered through automation and self service

End-to-end document management system
Manage documents across the entire business with powerful document management tools

Search, analytics & reporting
Access rich data and analytics to gain insight into the performance of your legal function with simple reporting tools and dashboards

Plus much more

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