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Plexus Gateway: The world's most advanced Legal Operating System

Plexus Gateway: Legal Automation + Matter Management + Contract Management in one modular platform

Legal automation technology that enables in-house teams to manage risk at speed, reduce costs, improve productivity and enjoy happier clients.


Plexus Gateway is the world's most advanced Legal operating system. It enables businesses to execute faster and more effectively, with less risk, freeing Lawyers from routine tasks to deliver at a higher level.

A suite of Legal enablers for both the Lawyers and the business, Gateway is just that, the gateway to the Legal function.

Legal functions now have a part to play in every business process to mitigate risk and ensure compliance in an ever more regulated environment. The Legal function remit is ever-expanding, and the pressure to respond faster to meet business expectations is unrelenting.

On the other side of this coin, Legal teams are under the same pressures to lower cost and increase efficiency as other operational functions, with no regard to this increasing remit. Often seen as blockers to execution, the Legal function has struggled to demonstrate its value to the business, lacking the data needed to back the case for improvement due to a lack of tools.

This is the "more with less" challenge so talked about in Legal teams. Plexus Gateway is a road not just to achieving this challenge, but to achieving "more with more" by aligning Legal processes to business outcomes and clearly articulating the value to the organisation.

Plexus Gateway is unique in being not only a set of tools for the Legal team, but also a set of tools for the organisation. On top of a suite of core enablers for the Legal team - matter management, contract management, document management, task management, knowledge management etc, Gateway is just that, the gateway to Legal for the business.

Plexus services and the Gateway platform enable automated self-service by the business on Legal processes while still retaining total control for the Legal team - inserting themselves only where they are needed. This is possible through keeping the entire process lifecycle on the single platform, end to end.

Developed by Plexus, the tool allows commercial teams to execute immediately within risk parameters through sophisticated document, advice, and workflow automation, and hastens the Legal process when risks are raised and Lawyers need to be involved.

Digitising Legal workflows from drafting and execution through to contract management, Gateway is the organisation's Legal operating system.

Plexus clients see dramatic ROI by reducing the time spent on routine Legal processes, but more importantly by powering faster execution and faster revenue realisation for the broader business.

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