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How to request Legal support

How to request Legal support

How to request Legal support with Plexus Gateway

Transparency across business functions is critical to driving efficiency and effectiveness.

One of the most costly drags we see time and time again is the “email ping pong” involved in requesting and receiving support and advice from Legal. Often requests are pushed into a Lawyer’s inbox - among all their other emails - and the business must sit and wait in the dark for the request to (maybe) be answered one day. Without transparency in the Lawyer’s workload, the business user’s request becomes lost in a bottleneck with no end in sight.

Worse still, once a Lawyer gets to the request, if they find it is incomplete they start the email back and forth to retrieve all information they need to respond with the right support.

Both of these outcomes delay Legal support to the business. This delay can pose a risk to a commercial or supplier agreement, possibly resulting in a loss of revenue or loss of relationship.

Plexus Gateway changes the game with Request Legal Support. The feature allows business users to lodge a request for their Legal team. The request is then triaged to the right Lawyer or Legal team for a response. As a request can only be submitted if the user fills out all necessary details in the platform, the Lawyer can respond to the request right away.

Request legal support screenshot

How to use the Request Legal Support app on Plexus Gateway:

Step 1: Complete request details

Within the Request Legal Support feature, select the Category and Subcategory of the request and complete the intake questions then submit the task.

Step 2: View the task

Once submitted the business user can view the status of the Task in the Task List and be alerted when the request has been finalised. The Lawyer’s inbox stays clear from clutter and all their Legal matters are filed in one beautiful view.

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It takes less than 60 seconds to request Legal support


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