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Trade Promotion Optimisation

By Sharmila Pamamull, Senior Counsel

30 November 2019

Trade promotion optimisation

Whether you are running a game of skill or game of chance, there are different things that you might consider when you are designing your trade promotion. Depending on your objectives of your promotion, you might want your participants to purchase an item to enter a draw, share a post on social media, or submit their details through an online form to enter.

It might be a good idea to personalise your promotion to your brand and products to increase audience engagement. However, it is important to remember that each layer you add to your entry process also adds an extra step or complexity which might deter someone from completing the entering process.

Around 77% of Australians prefer a promotion that is easy to participate in. (IMI International, ProTrack 2019)

Here are some key factors to keep in mind when planning your promotions:

  • Keep the entry mechanic as easy as possible. Don’t make your entry mechanic too complex or feature too many steps.
  • Communicate the requirements to enter, terms and conditions and prize clearly. Remember, a promotion that is easy to communicate will also be easy to comprehend and produce greater engagement. (Promotion Wizard can help here.)
  • Consider including a simple prize structure e.g. major prize and a couple minor prizes. This could add a fun element to your competition or encourage more entrants if there are more chances of winning a prize.

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