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What Are The Requirements For My Trade Promotion's Electronic Draw?

By Sharmila Pamamull, Senior Counsel

28 July 2020

Electronic draw requirements

The SA lottery department requires that electronic draws may only be conducted using an approved system. Formal approval of the electronic competition drawing system must be obtained from the SA lottery department

E.g. if you use random number generator in excel, or any other random method using a computerised system, then approval would be required.

A manual draw whereby you collect printed entries and draw from a barrel/container, does not require any approvals.

Obtaining SA Electronic Draw Approval Number

To obtain approval from the SA lottery department for your electronic drawing system, you must complete and submit the application form available at:

The application form requires:

  • An electronic draw process report (includes process and controls to ensure all lottery entries are eligible; and show the process for determining the results of the lottery)
  • A System overview
  • The source code
  • An independent test report (from an appropriately qualified and independent body).

The independent test report must:

  • include a signed test report from an appropriately qualified and independent body or person, certifying that:
    • the RNG has been tested and produces outcomes which pass a suitable number of recognised statistical tests - eg chi-squared, equi-distribution (frequency) test, gap test, poker test, coupon collector's test, permutation test, run test, spectral test, serial correlation test potency and degree of serial correlation, and tests on sub-sequences)
    • all entries in the lottery have an equal chance of selection
    • the system has appropriate security measures and controls to prevent manipulation of the entries and results
  • include (or have attached):
    • a statement of independence from the supplier of the system and the trade promotion operator
    • details of the relevant qualifications of the issuer of the report.

The application process via the SA government department is free but obtaining your own independent reports on the draw is likely to incur additional costs.

Once the system is approved, you will be issued with a ‘SA electronic draw approval number’ for this system.

The SA trade promotion permit application requires you to specify the SA electronic draw approval number in the application form. You may apply for a permit while obtaining approval but your trade promotion permit will not be granted until the electronic draw system is approved. Once the system is approved, you do not need to re-apply for approval with each subsequent trade promotion application as long as the same drawing system is used.

Further Details

Further details on the scrutineer requirement may be found on the following link -

The approval process may create an unnecessary administrative burden on your office. If you prefer you can request Plexus Promotion Wizard conduct your draw/s as our system has the necessary approvals.

Run your electronic draw with Promotion Wizard

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