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How Plexus Gateway automates your contract approval workflow

Contract Approval Workflow

How Plexus Gateway will automate your contract approval workflow

Plexus Gateway's productivity tools digitise your contract approval workflow, giving your Legal and business users more time to focus on the important stuff.

One of the major benefits of cloud-based technology is that you can access and work within your Plexus Gateway instance from anywhere, at any time, on any device. This has always been true, but is perhaps more important now than ever before.

Approve and eSign is your one stop shop for contract execution. Business users can upload their contracts, assign approvers and signatories, and set fully configurable reminders.

Custom Renewal 1

Contract lifecycle management isn’t restricted to new agreements either. The Store A Document tool now lets you prompt expiry dates and renewal reminders for legacy paper too.

These productivity tools are fully user-configurable: Legal teams can configure specific delegation and approval workflows, and capture additional information via custom fields - to make contract management easy.

Assign Approver demo 1

These contract approval workflow tools deliver enormous productivity gains for our customers and their in-house Legal teams. If your team isn't using automated approval workflow tools yet, then there has never been a better time to get started. Free up time with your in house legal team by automating your 'churn work' with Plexus Gateway, get in contact with us today to find out more about making your team the most productive it has ever been.

Learn more about how Plexus Gateway contract management software is helping companies reduce costs and get more work done. Or get in touch for a product demo or free trial:

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