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Manage Matters Straight From Your Inbox

Legal Matter Management Tools

Gateway email plugin lets you manage Legal matters straight from your inbox

In-house Lawyers are busy enough with the work they have on their plate without having to enter what they’re working on into a matter management system designed for Law Firms. The burden of data entry is the primary reason in-house matter management systems fail, and teams are demanding a more productive approach. Which is why Plexus has designed a legal matter management system that is one of the best productivity tools for lawyers part of in house legal teams.

The absolute mecca of legal productivity tools for in-house lawyers is Plexus Gateway’s Request Legal Support App, which allows the business to answer a few questions about their issue and upload any supporting emails, documents or contracts to initiate a request for assistance. The business can request help 24/7 from any device – and the matter is created and triaged to the right Lawyer automatically.

Now, your executive team isn’t going to request legal support via an App. They’ll likely still email you like they always have, and it’s important your team is equipped with the productivity tools to seamlessly incorporate these Legal requests into their task management workflow.

Plexus Gateway lets you manage your Legal support requests directly from your inbox. The plugin for Outlook and Gmail lets you create and update tasks directly from your email, preventing manual data entry and double handling. Now you can provide Legal support to your business with just a few clicks.

How to manage matters from inbox to outcome:

Install the Plexus Gateway Gmail add-on from the Google Suite Marketplace or the Outlook 365 add-in from Microsoft AppSource.


Log into your Plexus Gateway account.


Select your task category and subcategory from the right hand menu. The email body copy forms the editable default task description, and the Create Task button seamlessly syncs the task to your Gateway tasks list. Any attachments in the email will be automatically pulled in as supporting material, but you can deselect these before you create the task if you wish.

Screenshot2 1

Ultimately, Legal Task Management dramatically improves the efficiency with which Legal is able to get its work done. In fact, organisations that have adopted Legal Task Management have seen a 30% increase in lawyer productivity by having the tools that a Lawyer should have always had.

Learn how Plexus Gateway matter management software is helping companies boost productivity, demonstrate value and get more work done. Get in touch to learn more.

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