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Social media terms and conditions: what do I need to consider for a Facebook contest?

By Sharmila Pamamull, Senior Counsel

29 July 2020

Facebook competitions are very common and there are a couple rules you need to consider when running your next Facebook campaign.

Facebook outlines rules for the conduct of promotions in their Facebook Policies (see 3. Promotions on Pages, Groups, and Events: An overview of the main rules are listed below:

*We note these mechanics are still very common on Facebook. Facebook does not strictly enforce their own rules, and it would be relatively low risk to proceed with any of the entry mechanic options which are not technically allowed by Facebook.

Please be aware the risks of proceeding with any non-allowed mechanic are:

  1. complaints from entrants/public for not complying with the Facebook rules (creates additional admin burden to deal with such a complaint and PR issues if complaint published publicly); and
  2. Facebook could potentially disable your Facebook page and you may lose all likes.

The risk of the 2nd mentioned risk is extremely low and we have not seen this happen in the past.

If you require advice or competition terms for your next Facebook campaign please contact the Plexus Promotion Wizard team.

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