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What is a game of skill?

By Meagan Boschetti,

30 July 2020

What is a game of skill

A game of skill is a competition which requires an entrant to apply a level of thought and skill to their entry, and where the winner/s are determined based on qualitative methods rather than chance.

Looking for some game of skill competition ideas? Here’s some of the most common examples of game of skill competitions for trade promotions outlined below:

  • Answer Judgeable Question: Answer a question in 25 words or less, and entries are judged e.g. based on creative merit, to determine the winner.
  • Post/Submit a Photo: Post a photo which meets certain requirements and photos are judged to determine the winner. E.g. take a photo of yourself at the Melbourne Show and post to your Instagram account
  • Trivia: Asking entrants trivia questions and awarding prize to person who obtains most correct answers
  • Highest Sales: Encourage sales of your products by awarding a prize to the salesperson who sells the highest volume or dollar value in your product during the promotional period.

Benefits of game of skill competitions:

There are many benefits to running games of skill competitions; including the following:

  • Games of skill are generally more cost effective, as permits are not required, prize draws do not need to be conducted and advertising winners is not required;
  • The state and territory requirements are less arduous for games of skill, and therefore the competition terms are much simpler;
  • Games of skill competitions are a great way to engage customers with a brand, due to the creative and challenging nature of the entry mechanics;
  • Entrants responses can be used to promote the brand, for example a creative image submitted for entry could be featured in an advertising campaign;
  • Entries are generally of a high quality, given the requirements the entrant must go through for an entry;
  • Games of skill are a great way to incentivise staff to achieve sales targets.

For more information on how to run your next game of skill, please contact the Plexus Promotion Wizard team.

Do I need a competition permit for running a game of skill promotion?

Games of skill competitions do not require competition trade permits and therefore they are generally quick to set up;

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