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Everything you need to accelerate business productivity, in one modular platform.

Get contracts signed faster.

Execute with speed and precision via eSignature from any device, wherever you are.
Contract 1 esign

Streamline document workflows.

Configure custom approval pathways and delegate authority via a no-code workflow builder. Automatic notifications prompt stakeholders to review, approve or sign at the right time so your contracts keep moving.
Contract 2 workflows

Collaborate and negotiate in real-time.

Leave comments, compare versions, view supporting materials and negotiate with external parties via secure access controls.
Contract 3 collaborate

Every contract at your fingertips.

Search your documents and their details to quickly find contracts or answer specific questions like "what's our liability for x?" or "what's the renewal date for y?".
Contract 4 search

Never miss another renewal date.

Customise automated alerts for important contract milestones and renewal dates well in advance so nothing ever slips through the cracks.
Contract 5 alerts

Work smarter, not harder.

Unlock the business intelligence across your contracts to improve risk management, capture more revenue, manage contract workloads and demonstrate the value of legal.
Contract 6 business intelligence

Integrate with the apps you rely on.

Use Plexus' out-of-the box integrations or API to power cross-platform productivity.


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Why do the world's top brands use Plexus?

Immediate start

We'll have your environment configured and your team realising value in hours, not months.

Unlimited end users

Plexus helps you scale legal support across the enterprise, so we don't charge you for additional end users or counterparties.

Fully-supported onboarding

We'll do the heavy lifting to get you live and drive widespread, risk-free adoption.

Highly secure

Our platform access controls give you full control over who sees what, and our ISO 27001 security certification is industry standard.

Dedicated support team

For peace of mind you'll get 24/7 enterprise support and a dedicated customer success manager from day one.

Modular platform

Adopt Plexus modules one at a time, or all together.

Discover Plexus

The world’s most advanced digital contracting and workflow platform. Get started with any module today.

Frequently Asked Questions

We ensure our security meets the most stringent security standards. Hosted with AWS (Amazon) entirely on Australian servers. Your data is kept separate from others, is backed up live, and run through regular penetration testing.

Uploading third party paper to Plexus will create a new workflow, tracking all the info on that agreement, applying your rules to it to decide who needs to review and approve it, and taking it right through execution to the contract management system. The amazing thing? That agreement is still fully searchable, trackable and reportable.

No. The counterparty receives an email, tailored to your business along with a simple link. They are taken to a simple web interface where they can access, execute, or negotiate the agreement, all without downloading anything or signing up. It’s even easier than emailing you back, and all automatically tracked and captured at your end.

One of the big reasons businesses choose Plexus is that there is no need to touch the back end at all. As a SaaS business, we handle all that for you. Need to update a clause? No longer do you need to find and update all 76 precedents with that clause - just tell us, and we change it once in your clause library! Legal Gateway is a tool for lawyers to use, not for them to maintain.

Yes. Plexus is a modern, Software-as-a-Service platform whose APIs allow it to communicate with most other modern, cloud based systems simply and easily. This can save time in removing double handling and data entry in your workflows, and ensures your business users can interact with the platform right from their own systems.

Contract management software is computer software used to accelerate and de-risk an organisation’s contract lifecycle, typically through the digitisation of contract assembly, negotiation, review, signature, storage and retrieval. Learn more about contract management.

Contract management software is often considered to be a Legal department tool, however functions like Finance, Procurement, HR, Sales and Marketing all use contract management software to streamline their contracting processes. Learn more about who uses contract management software.

Contract management software is increasingly viewed as a necessity for in-house legal departments. From decreasing cycle times to centralising the system of record, it solves some of the core problems the most successful legal departments are focussed on solving. Learn more about the importance of contract management software.

Important considerations when assessing contract management software include the automated storage of all versions, supporting documents, emails and approvals, the platform's ability to track, report on and set alerts for renewal dates, the ability to scan, index, search and filter all documents generated or uploaded. Learn more about what to look for in contract management software with our Legal Technology RFP template.

Contract management software enables agreements to move from drafting to execution in as little as 24 hours, a significant improvement on what may otherwise take multiple weeks. Read more about how to use contract management software to speed up your sales process.

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