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Empower your business to self-serve contracts and routine legal tasks.

Free your lawyers to focus on higher value work.

Refocus your legal team on more strategic tasks by creating automation and self-service journeys for the work they're usually buried in.
Automation 1 self service

Unlock your organisation's competitive advantage.

Empower any team to instantly generate compliant documents and workflows (like NDAs and sales agreements) so they can buy, sell, recruit and launch quicker than the competition.
Automation 2 workflows

Build powerful, flexible apps and workflows.

Build and launch apps to automate even the most complex documents, approvals and delegations, and update them as required to accommodate changes in business as needed.
Automation 3 approvals

Integrate with the systems you rely on.

Populate CRM and ERP data straight into your contract templates with powerful, secure and flexible integrations.
Automation 4 integrations

Automate tasks from creation to completion.

Send automated documents straight into negotiation, approval, delegation and signing workflows, and store them alongside the rest of your contracts and legal matters.
Automation 5 lifecycle

Work with your existing business systems.

Use Plexus' out-of-the box integrations or API to power cross-platform productivity.


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Why do the world's top brands use Plexus?

Immediate start

We'll have your environment configured and your team realising value in hours, not months.

Unlimited end users

Plexus helps you scale legal support across the enterprise, so we don't charge you for additional end users or counterparties.

Fully-supported onboarding

We'll do the heavy lifting to get you live and drive widespread, risk-free adoption.

Highly secure

Our platform access controls give you full control over who sees what, and our ISO 27001 security certification is industry standard.

Dedicated support team

For peace of mind you'll get 24/7 enterprise support and a dedicated customer success manager from day one.

Modular platform

Adopt Plexus modules one at a time, or all together.

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The world’s most advanced digital contracting and workflow platform. Get started with any module today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Workflow automation helps businesses to streamline, digitise and self-serve routine tasks by making the flow of information perform independently in accordance with defined rules. For Legal, workflow automation is often implemented to improve the speed and quality of contract execution. Learn more about legal workflow automation.

An automated workflow leverages software to seamlessly pass data, documents, approvals and insights from one party to another, according to defined rules. Learn more about legal automation.

Legal automation is the use of tools & technology to enable organisations to streamline, automate and reduce the time taken to perform otherwise manual legal tasks. Learn more about legal automation software.

Contract automation speeds up the process of executing agreements by automatically sending the relevant party the contract to approve and/or e-sign as soon as it is their turn in the approval workflow. Contract automation software empowers Legal from the beginning of the contract lifecycle, through to execution, and beyond. Learn more about contract workflow automation.

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Watch an on-demand demo or get in touch for a free trial today.

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