Pursuit of happiness a point of law

The model has found that lawyers who were disenfranchised with the system thrive in an environment in which the focus is on technology, empowerment and people.

“When we started Plexus, we found a huge number of our friends were leaving law,” Mellett says.

“They joined the law [sector] because they were interested in it and they like to feel they are adding value. They traditionally hadn’t felt that.

“Our No. 1 value is that everyone wins.”

The world's top GCs work with Plexus

As the global economy moves faster and becomes increasingly volatile, organisations must radically evolve their operating models to more dynamically identify and respond to opportunities and threats. Plexus helps leading GCs shift their organisational design, evolve their talent competencies and digitise their functions to deliver faster, most cost-effective and more agile legal support.

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