The Biggest Updates to Plexus in 2024 So Far

28 June 2024

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Plexus speeds up all of your important legal tasks and minimises the potential risk while executing them. At Plexus, we are constantly updating our products so you get the most out of using them. Here’s a quick recap of the key releases and updates we’ve made this year so far, available for Plexus users right now.

Simplified Bulk Upload Tool

We’re continually optimising every step of the user process to make our user experience faster and smoother, which we’ve done by improving the Bulk Upload Tool. This simple drag and drop method easily adds legacy files into the platform while enabling you to populate core Key Facts during the upload.

Learn how to upload files in bulk via our Help article.

Seamless Bulk Editing of Document Key Facts

We get it: you’ve got a bunch of documents and mattersfiles to stay on top of. Often they’re grouped for particular matters, right? An update we rolled out with bulk upload is the ability to bulk edit the metadata of multiple selected documents. This makes managing key facts for documents pertaining to a specific matter much easier.

For more detail about how to bulk edit your document metadata, check out our Help article.

Enhanced Counterparty Portal

We’ve enhanced the Counterparty Portal to be more user-friendly than ever before. It’s now easier and more intuitive for counterparties to view, negotiate and sign documents without prior experience.

This smooth experience has streamlined negotiations so our users can now get on to seeing value even faster.

To recap how counterparties can interact with Plexus, check out our Help article.

Introduced Unique Matter IDs

​We’ve allowed Plexus users to better identify, track and manage matters within Plexus with unique Matter IDs now automatically assigned to each matter.

Easily Preview Internal Documents

Internal Documents are internal reference files that are not attached to the workflow and are not visible to external parties. This new feature allows documents to be previewed as a pop-up within the document’s detail page. We’ve added support for .pdf, .docx, .png and .jpeg files.

More information about previewing internal documents can be found in our Help article.

Convenient In-Platform Email Previews

It’s now easier than ever to view the email context for your documents and matters without needing to exit the Plexus platform. You can view emails in a pop-up modal by clicking on any email threads uploaded to the Supporting Materials section as .msg and .eml files. This latest update helps you maintain Plexus as your single source of truth and keeps all of your work in one place.

Coming Soon…

We’re working on rolling out some additional AI-enhanced features to further improve the Plexus experience. Watch this space.

Not using Plexus yet? See what you’re missing out on and the previous updates with a demo from one of our Legal Transformation Consultants.

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