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Plexus Launches New Enablers

2 August 2019

Obtain approvals, signatures and store documents with Plexus Gateway’s new Enablers

We recently rolled out an update to our suite of Enablers to provide increased flexibility for in-house teams. The new multi-purpose Enabler allows users to store, send for approval, and get contracts signed in a single workflow.

Greater flexibility

  • Obtain document approvals from your colleagues
  • Get documents e-signed by colleagues and third parties/counterparties
  • Store your documents in Plexus Gateway

Plexus Gateway allows users to simply make workflow selections in the app, and complete the fields that appear below.

No more repeat entry, re-download and re-upload, or duplication of work.

Multifunctional shortcuts

You can begin any of these activities from the Plexus Gateway Dashboard with a simple set of shortcuts suitable for all in-house teams:

Upload multiple documents in Plexus Gateway

Using the ‘Documents and Supporting Material’ features, you can now upload associated documents in one go. Use the “Add New” button to add more and Select your files from your computer.

Simply select ‘I just want to store a document’ then your document(s) will be uploaded instantly. 

By selecting ‘I want to get a document approved’ and/or ‘I want to get a document signed’ the document(s) will follow the approval and signing workflows defined. e.g. if you add multiple documents for signature, these will all be sent out for signature.

More on Approvals…

To obtain approvals, users can select ‘I want to get a document approved’ in the first section. Then in Approvals, define your workflow:

Selecting ‘I need Legal to review this’ will trigger an approval to your designated legal reviewers.

Selecting ‘I need additional internal approvals’ allows you to define additional colleagues, on top of legal review. Use ‘Add New’ to add multiple approvers.

More on Signatures…

To obtain signatures, users can select ‘I want to get a document signed’ in the first section and simly add Signatories, by using the “Add New” button to add more Signatures. These signatories will be sent the document(s) you have added. The Signing workflow will follow the signatories order you set.

Setting Reminders

Never lose track of your agreements by setting reminders for 30, 60 or 90 days before contract expiry, select ‘I want to setup reminders for this document’.

Plexus Gateway’s updates Enablers are built for user simplicity whilst powering productivity. 

To find out more about Plexus Gateway’s suite of Enablers, contact our team.