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Introducing: Promotion Wizard

Promotion Wizard enables organisations to generate perfectly customised T&Cs and Permits for their competitions and promotions in less than 15 minutes and for 40% of the cost of a traditional law firm.


Let's face it, between generating terms and conditions and permit applications, running trade promotions is a pain in the ass. It's an endless ping pong, back and forth, that takes way too long, costs far too much and drives everyone insane.

Traditional law firms charge a fortune and there's no guarantee they'll get it right and in-house lawyers would prefer to stick a needle in their eye and do another set of TNCs. They've got better things to do.

That was before Promotion Wizard took the pain out of promotions. We've embedded all the required state regulations into an easy to use wizard. All you have to do is fill out a smart form and customized TNCs are generated in a snap for you. We even complete the permanent application forms.

Marketers tell us it's 90% faster and under half the cost. This means no more ping pong, no more waiting for the lawyers, and no more being bent over the barrel by billable hours. So stop the ping pong. Try it now.

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