Can you ask an entrant to purchase alcohol to enter a competition?

31 August 2017

Sharmila Pamamull

Senior Counsel

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Can you ask an entrant to purchase alcohol to enter a competition

The simple answer is YES, but you may need to impose limitations.

The basic principle to follow is that the advertising or promotion of liquor must not encourage the consumption of liquor in excess of quantity and/or speed, or reward such drinking behaviour.

Entry limits

Where an on-premise purchase is required for entry (e.g. purchase at a bar, venue, pub, etc where drink purchase is consumed on premises), generally imposing a LIMIT ON EACH ENTRANT OF ONE (1) ENTRY PER DAY is acceptable.

Other factors to keep in mind when conducting a purchase-alcohol-to-enter competition:

  • DO NOT target minors;
  • DO NOT require an entrant to purchase alcohol in non-standard measures;
  • DO NOT encourage or incentivise rapid/irresponsible/excessive consumption of alcohol;
  • DO NOT promote exclusively to a specific sex or group;
  • Advertising MUST NOT depict violent, risky or dangerous activities; and
  • Advertising MUST NOT be sexually degrading or sexually discriminatory.

The above is NOT intended to be an exhaustive list in respect to compliance with the various liquor guidelines nationally.

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