Customer Success at Plexus

20 June 2018

Alex Smith

Customer Success Manager

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Customer Success at Plexus Gateway

Heading up Customer Success means I speak to customers every week about, well, Success! But this means we actually speak about tons of things, because Customer Success transcends everything we do at Plexus Gateway.

From creating insightful, educational content to help Legal Teams adopt Legal Tech successfully, to ensuring our product development is inspired by customer experience and feedback. A continual feedback loop is vital for Success - for us, and for our customers.

Over the forthcoming weeks, I’ll share snippets of our story; Why we care about Customer Success, what it's about and why it’s important to Legal Teams in this exciting and ever-evolving world of Legal Tech.

This week:

Where did Customer Success come from?

Improved technology, faster broadband and better mobile devices has driven monumental shifts in the software industry. From this, an entirely new Software as a Service (SaaS) model and vendor to customer relationship dynamic has emerged.

In this cloud-based world, you no longer need to purchase huge, heavily bespoked software upfront. Instead, you can find and implement Legal Technology much quicker and easier, starting small and growing it over time.

We’ve also changed. Even at work, we expect to access and use software in the same way we do our favourite websites and apps at home. Simply, easily. Quick to learn and a joy to use. On our smartphones, PCs, laptops or iPads…

Put bluntly, gone are the days that software vendors can sell you something big and expensive, say “thanks very much” and leave you to get on with it. At least, software companies living by those principles won’t be around for much longer.

Why is Customer Success important to Legal Teams?

Well, it’s a matter of resource. No-one has time to solve every problem at once. Especially in-house Legal Teams struggling with so much low value, high frequency work!

Legal automation, matter management, e-signature and legal document storage are all set to transform the legal function, but there’s so much stuff out there. Where to start?

Question: How do you eradicate that low value stuff, to free up time and re-deploy your lawyers to more complex, higher value legal work?

Answer: You start small and dream big, with a Legal Technology platform that will grow with you and a provider that will help you grow, through continual success

Where Customer Success lives at Plexus Gateway

Our mission is to Create the Future of the Law. In-house lawyers should be focusing on value driven, complex legal work. We understand that realizing this outcome heavily weighs on your continual success with Legal Technology, on platform that will grow with you over time.

Let’s face it - are you going to grow something that's not continually successful? Nope - and that’s why we’re laser-focussed on continual customer success.

Setting out specific success measures with you, like, “saving 2 days a week across the legal team now our NDAs are automated” to “averting risk on $250,000 worth of contracts this quarter, because we now pro-actively approve, renew and execute our customer contracts” are just some of the success measures and stories we’ve built with our customers. And we recognise that reaching these milestones takes continual, incremental success.

Through this approach, we ensure ROI, enabling you to build your own value driven story to be shared with your wider organisation. Once you’ve achieved success with your first Legal Tech endeavour, you can work on the next part, and the next part, and the next part.

Next time…

I’ll be focussing more specifically on how we engage with customers to develop Legal Gateway and inspire our product development roadmap.

If you’d like to learn more about Customer Success and what it means for your Legal Team, please feel free to reach out.

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