How we're using automation to improve access to justice

Max Pfiefer

Max Pfeifer

Associate Director, Marketing

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Automating legal work

Plexus is on a mission to Transform the Value of Legal Services for the benefit of our clients, our team, and society at large.

The platforms we’re building, together with the success of our organisation, afford us an exciting opportunity to give back to the communities in which we operate. Our team is deeply passionate about our social impact initiative, and it’s something we’re actively investing in.

We’re in the business of creating efficiencies for in-house Legal teams, and the automation capabilities we’ve developed for business leave us uniquely placed to improve access to Legal support for all, and perhaps most importantly those in our community who need it most.

Navigating the Legal system is complicated, whether it’s contesting a parking fine, settling a divorce, or reclaiming your stolen surfboard. And even when you can find the appropriate Legal information there’s rarely somebody standing there telling you that your chosen course of action (of the hundreds available) is the correct one.

According to Dr Margaret Hagan, director of the Legal Design Lab at Stanford Law School, “the biggest problem with the community Legal sector is that there are so many problems”.

As technology evolves however, so too do the opportunities to simplify and improve access to justice, and our approach to social impact is much the same as our approach to working with in-house Legal teams. If we’re able to help automate and streamline the high-volume, process-driven and administrative legal tasks at scale, we’ll free all the great Lawyers working in the space to spend more time on the issues requiring the application of more complex logic, sensitivity and compassion.

To do this, we’re building partnerships with organisations in the community sector, and we’ll work with these groups throughout 2019 to deploy applications that help consumers access information and resolutions to their Legal problems. We’ll be announcing our first Social Impact partnership program in early 2019, and will have our first access to justice application live shortly thereafter.

Plexus was founded back in 2011 with the vision that if we did our jobs properly, we’d transform the value of Legal not only for our clients, but for society as a whole. Fast forward to now and we’re super excited to be delivering on that.

If you are an NFP or in some way involved in the community Legal sector then we’d love to discuss how we might be able to help. Email us at [email protected]

Otherwise, if you like the sound of working for an organisation that has social impact built into its DNA, why not join us?

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