How to optimise your Legal function to be a business asset, not a cost-centre

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Optimise your Legal function to be a business asset not a cost centre

WATCH THE VIDEO: Rob Johnson, Plexus MD EMEA, sits down with Electra Japonas, Founder & CEO of The Law Boutique to discuss how legal functions can transform from a cost-centre to a business asset.


3 Tips to transforming Legal into a business asset

1. Measure your success

Electra recommends taking a look at Legal as a function and understand how you can ‘PR yourself’ to the business.

“First thing is measuring your success metrics. You can look at: ‘How effective are you? What's your speed? How quickly are you turning around? How are you mitigating risk?’ If you have the technology you can look at things have come through that you stop this from happening and you can put some measures around basically effectiveness about and customer satisfaction of people saying about you so once you've got the information you should put pack together and publish it to the rest of the team.”

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2. Buy tech that will work for you

Remember – technology is not a silver bullet to efficiency. Legal needs to ensure that the business has the training use and understands why the platform is being introduced (meaning, tell them how it will make their life easier!)

“It is important to understand what problems you have, and then try to find the technology that is going to work for you before you just buy the first program you see. Otherwise, you’ll end up with tech that is either a huge piece of work to roll out, or a very expensive piece of tech that no one ever uses,” says Electra.

3. Have an implementation and adoption plan

The best way to turn great tech into a failed project (and bring Legal’s reputation back down to cost-centre) is to forget to prioritise the platform rollout to the business.

“You need to have a strategy in place from the beginning. You need someone who is going to be accountable for the project, understanding why the tech has been implemented, rolling out and having outcomes in their minds around what it is that they want to achieve through this rollout.”

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