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Plexus Customer Success Stories: Sonnedix

“Our goal has always been to work smarter, not harder, and that’s where we were looking at process improvements and efficiencies throughout the department.”


My name is Marissa Corda, and I'm the Global Head of Legal and Compliance at Sonnedix. Sonnedix's purpose is really to build a brighter future. And we do that by building, owning, acquiring, constructing, solar plants across four different continents. My team is built up of legal and compliance professionals, and we work really hard to support the acquisition, development, construction, and maintenance of these various solar plants across the world. Sonnedix has pretty ambitious growth targets for the legal and compliance team to make sure that we're delivering an effective and high quality level of support. We were facing more and more work. Our goal has always been to work smarter, not harder. And that's where we're looking for process improvements and efficiencies throughout the department. We've looked at other tech solutions in the past, but we really had a hard time finding anything that was cost-effective, met our needs, and was customizable in a way that we were hoping for.

When we looked at Plexus Gateway, what was most attractive to me was the module app system. So we can build small pieces of legal work that's easy for business users to work through, accept, adapt, really work within. My personal concerns with Plexus Gateway were really that I'm not an IT professional. So what did this mean for developing and rolling out an IT solution for the larger business? And how do we translate the legal work that we have in high volume, to something that makes sense and is easy to do in a self contained app? It was really easy to get started with Plexus Gateway. The team was really great about doing an intake with us about what our needs were, and how we can work together to come up with solutions.

The first agreement we decided to automate was our nondisclosure agreements. We figured it was a relatively simple, short agreement that would lend itself well to an app. In addition, we were seeing a very high volume of this relatively standard form come through our department, and eating up quite a bit of time for our paralegal team. The time-savings is quantifiable, in that what used to take us multiple days is streamlined down to about 12 minutes to execute and draft an NDA, at this point. The business now has a centralized portal to interact with the legal team, which is really helpful for us, given we're spread across four continents and 13 different time zones. And now, there's a transparency that didn't exist before. Before Plexus Gateway, a business user was emailing to figure out the status of their legal work. And now, there is a tangible icon that, basically, lets the teams know that their work's been completed, or it's in process. Plexus Gateway's made a really big difference for our team. And I think it would be a helpful tool for, really, any corporate legal department looking at scaling up effectively and quickly.

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