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Heroes Package ("Conditions of Entry")

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  1. 1. Background and important information
  2. 2. Heroes Package
  3. 2.1 Australia Post Promotion Kit
  4. 2.2 MyPost Business Band 5 savings boost or Dymo Sending Pack or Australia Post Packaging Offer
  5. 2.3 Small Business Australia Package
  6. 2.4 Unaddressed Mail Offer:
  7. 3. Agreed Terms
  8. 4. Publicity
  9. 5. Intellectual Property
  10. 6. Confidentiality
  11. 7. Privacy
  12. 8. Termination
  13. 9. Waiver
  14. 10. Governing law
  15. 11. Amendment
  16. 12. Definitions

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1. Background and important information

Capitalised terms used in these Terms and Conditions are defined in section 12 (below), unless specified otherwise. These Terms and Conditions outline important information for those Small Businesses who have been determined a Winner of Australia Post’s Local Business Heroes Campaign

2. Heroes Package

For the purposes of these Terms and Conditions, the conditions that apply to each specific package element are outlined in this section 2

2.1 Australia Post Promotion Kit

a) Winners will have:

  • their business’ brand featured on ‘point of sale’ (POS) and displayed in every Post Offices located in their Local Area Market (as determined by Australia Post) (“LAM”) for a 30-day period during the Claim Period;
  • Social Assets & Guidelines (assets, and guidelines to use those assets, provided by Australia Post to the winner for inclusion on the Customer Prize Winner’s own social media channels); and
  • Exposure on the Local Business Heroes campaign website page (www.auspost.com.au/localbusinessheroes).

b) The ‘point of sale’ portion of the prize will include:

  • One coloured A1 Poster;
  • Two coloured A3 Bench Mats; and
  • 100 coloured A6 Postcards,

c) The total value of this package element is $1,400 (inc. GST)

d) Winners will be required to liaise with Australia Post and its nominated marketing agency to develop the promotional assets for this package element. Winners must comply with all of Australia Post’s requirements as notified to the Winner in order to claim and activate this package element, including compliance with Australia Post’s brand guidelines.

e) Please note that the display of the Winner’s ‘point of sale’ promotional kit at any given Post Office within the Winner’s LAM will be at the discretion of Australia Post and each relevant Post Office Manager or Licensee

2.2 MyPost Business Band 5 savings boost or Dymo Sending Pack or Australia Post Packaging Offer

a) Winners will receive their choice of one (1) of the following three (3) options:

  • access to MyPost Business Band 5 savings for a period of 90 days from the date of activation (irrespective of what existing band the Customer is currently on or whether or not they have a MyPost Business Account); OR
  • A Dymo Sending Pack (includes: DYMO Label Writer, DYMO Label Writer Shipping labels and Dymo Digital Postal Scale); OR
  • Australia Post Packaging Offer which includes customer selection of Australia Post packing range – boxes, bags, and other packaging material (excluding prepaid & activated packaging) up to the value of $500 (https://auspost.com.au/shop/sending/boxes-packaging).

b) The savings boost (if selected) will apply irrespective of the band the Winner is on as at the date of activation, and whether or not they have an existing MyPost Business Account.

c) Winners that do not have a MyPost Business Account at the time of being determined a Winner must register for a MyPost Business Account in order to receive access to the savings boost.

d) Prize Value: The estimated value of first option is $500 (inc. GST) based on Average Revenue Per Unit of band 3 to band 5 (estimated value may increase if the Customer is moving from band 1 or band 2). Dymo Sending Pack option is valued at up to $500 (inc. GST). Australia Post Packaging offer is valued at up to $500 (inc. GST).

e) Winners will access the MyPost Business Band 5 service rates under Send and Save terms and conditions, located at https://auspost.com.au/terms-conditions/send-and-save-terms-conditions

f) Existing MyPost Business Band 5 Customers will have their Band 5 savings frozen for a period of 90 days from activation.

g) Supply of Dymo Sending Pack and Australia Post Packaging Offer is subject to availability and if unavailable (e.g. supply chain issue), Australia Post will work with the winner on a suitable alternative up to the same prize value.

h) The activation date must be within the Claim Period

2.3 Small Business Australia Package

a) Winners to receive access to Small Business Australia's (SBA) Business Advantage membership for 12-months and a 1:1 Business Coaching session.

  • SBA 12-month membership includes:
    • Access business advice
    • business training
    • business promotion
    • a range of member only savings (over $5,000 p.a.) on several types of business expenses
  • Business Coaching details: Winners will receive a 60-minute consultation focused on one of the following topics
    • Attracting new customers
    • Keep existing customers
    • Improving your cashflow and finances
    • Improving your online strategy
    • Recruiting and Training Employees
    • Improving sales results
    • Improving Personal Effectiveness
    • Improving Digital Security

b) The total value of this package element is up to $725 (inc. GST).

c) The consultation session will be subject to the availability of the applicable representative of the chosen topic.

d) Where a Winner seeks to claim one of the Business Coaching consultations conducted by Small Business Australia, the Winner may be required to agree to and comply with additional terms and conditions as specified by Small Business Australia.

e) Advice provided in the consultation sessions will be provided for general information purposes only and is not intended to be specific, tailored advice for the Winner’s business needs and should not be relied upon as such. Australia Post disclaims all responsibility and all liability (including liability for negligence) for all expenses, losses, damages and costs a Winner might suffer or incur as a result of any information provided to it as part of a coaching session, or any information or recommendations being relied on in any way.

f) This prize can only be activated once within the Claim Period and must be used by 31/1/2023.

2.4 Unaddressed Mail Offer:

a) Winners will be provided a complete unaddressed mail promotion, consisting of:

  • 7,500 units of A6 Postcards printed* and delivered up to 7,500 delivery points;
  • A campaign targetter workshop to help optimise the winner’s mailout. *Winner may print and supply their own collateral that meets the agreed specifications (including Australia Post’s brand guidelines) as part of the mail promotion offer at their own cost. If the Winner decides to do this, they will receive delivery of the postcards up to 7,500 delivery points. Winner supplied collateral is limited to small letter size up to 50g. Delivery timeframes will be standard service only for this prize.

b) This package element is valued at up to $2,375 (inc. GST).

c) If Australia Post prints the postcards, winners will be required to liaise with Australia Post and its nominated marketing agency to develop the postcards for this package element. Winners must comply with all of Australia Post’s requirements as notified to the Winner in order to claim and activate this package element, including compliance with Australia Post’s brand guidelines.

d) All A6 postcards must be posted on the same date, as one lodgement and mail-out.

e) The content of the A6 postcards must be promotional in nature and not transactional (e.g. the content must not constitute a statement/letter asking consumers to transact).

f) Winners will require a functional internet connection in order to claim and participate in the online campaign targetter workshop.

g) Australia Post has full discretion on approval of any postcards for distribution. The unaddressed mail offer is subject to the Winner complying with the unaddressed mail terms and conditions which can be located here https://auspost.com.au/terms-c....

h) This prize can only be activated once and delivered within the Claim Period

3. Agreed Terms

a) Information regarding package elements and how to claim them forms part of these Terms and Conditions. By completing and submitting the Heroes Package Survey, Winners agree to be bound by these conditions

b) Australia Post may require Winners to provide proof of identity and proof of residency. Identification considered suitable for verification is at Australia Post’s discretion.

c) If for any reason, any element of the Heroes Package is impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic in any way, the Claim Period will be extended to allow Winners to claim and activate their package elements. Further changes to the package elements as a result of the pandemic will be at Australia Post’s discretion.

d) The package elements are not transferable or exchangeable and cannot be redeemed for cash. Australia Post accepts no responsibility for any variation in the stated value of package elements.

e) If a package element is unavailable for any reason, Australia Post will liaise with all affected Winners to determine an appropriate substitute for that element

f) All expenses and costs associated with the acceptance or use of any package element that are not expressly specified in section 2 as being part of the element are the responsibility of the Winner.

g) Australia Post does not guarantee that any Winner will receive or obtain any specific benefits or outcomes as a result of taking any Heroes Package elements.

h) To the extent permitted by law, Australia Post and its associated agencies and companies exclude all liability for any loss (including, without limitation, indirect, special or consequential loss or loss of profits), expense, damage, personal injury, illness or death which is suffered or sustained (whether or not arising from any person’s negligence) by any person in connection with a Winner’s acceptance or use of any Heroes Package elements, except for any liability which cannot be excluded by law (in which case that liability is limited to the minimum allowable by law). Nothing in these conditions restricts, excludes or modifies or purports to restrict, exclude or modify any statutory consumer rights under any applicable law including the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth).

i) Where package elements involve delivery, those elements will be delivered in Australia only.

j) Australia Post is not liable for any tax implications arising from acceptance and use of package elements. Independent financial advice should be sought. Where the Campaign or these Terms and Conditions involves, for GST purposes, supplies being made for non-monetary consideration, Winners will follow the Australian Taxation Office’s stated view that where the parties are at arm’s length, goods and services exchanged are of equal GST inclusive market values.

4. Publicity

a) Winners must, at Australia Post’s request, participate in all promotional activities (such as publicity, filming and photography) surrounding the winning and use of the Heroes Package, free of charge, and they consent to Australia Post using their names and images in promotional and advertising material.

b) Winners may be required to sign a talent release in the form specified by Australia Post, in relation to participating in promotional and campaign-related activities. If a Winner does not sign the form on request, Australia Post may not be able to deliver some or all of the Winner’s nominated package elements.

5. Intellectual Property

The following sections apply to the Australia Post Promotion Kit and the Unaddressed Mail Offer Heroes Package elements.

a) The Winner grants Australia Post (and its nominees) a licence to use the Winner’s logo, name, trademark and other items for the purpose of Australia Post (or its nominees) producing promotional materials and items as required for the purpose of delivering the relevant Heroes Package elements.

b) Except for the Winner’s pre-existing items and materials licensed to Australia Post under section 5(a) above, Australia Post will retain all ownership rights in and to the promotional materials and items it (or its nominee) produces for or with the Winner in delivering the relevant Heroes Package elements. The Winner will, however, be entitled to use such promotional materials and items for the purpose of taking the benefit of the relevant Heroes Package elements

6. Confidentiality

Except as required by law, these Terms and Conditions must be kept confidential and may only be disclosed by a party to:

a) its professional advisers on condition that they agree to be bound by the terms of this clause; or

b) other persons with the prior written consent of all the other parties which may not be unreasonably withheld or delayed, which may be given or withheld by a party conditionally or unconditionally without giving its reasons for doing so.

7. Privacy

The information requested on the Heroes Package Survey and these Terms and Conditions is being collected by Australia Post so that Winners can claim and activate their Heroes Package and so Australia Post can administer and deliver the relevant package elements detailed in these Terms and Conditions. Without this information, Australia Post will be unable to award you the prizes under these Terms and Conditions

8. Termination

Termination without prejudice to any other right of Australia Post set out in these Terms and Conditions, Australia Post may terminate a Winner’s participation in the Campaign and Heroes Package (in whole or in part), with immediate effect on written notice to the Winner if:

a) the Winner is deemed not to comply with these Terms and Conditions, and either:

  • the non-compliance is unable to be remedied; or
  • where the non-compliance is capable of remedy, the Winner does not rectify that non-compliance within 5 days of receipt of a notice from Australia Post specifying the non-compliance and requiring it to be remedied;

b) the Winner or any of the Winner’s personnel commit any act of fraud or dishonesty in relation to these Terms and Conditions;

c) the Winner engages in any conduct or activity that will harm, or is likely to harm, Australia Post’s name, reputation, products or services, is offensive, corrupt or disreputable, or may bring Australia Post into disrepute, contempt, scandal or ridicule;

d) the Winner’s business is acquired by a party that was not the owner of the business as at the commencement date of the Campaign (i.e. 14/03/2022);

e) it is determined that the Winner’s business was not considered to meet the definition of a Small Business as at the commencement date of the Campaign (i.e. 14/03/2022); or

f) an Insolvency Event occurs in relation to the Winner

9. Waiver

a) For the purposes of these Terms and Conditions, opting out of a prize in the Heroes Package Survey, will constitute a waiver of the Winner’s right to that particular package element.

b) With exception to the circumstances as outlined in clause 9(a), no waiver of a right or remedy under these Terms and Conditions is effective unless it is in writing and signed by the party granting it.

10. Governing law

These Terms and Conditions are governed by the laws of Victoria, Australia and each party submits to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Victoria, Australia

11. Amendment

These Terms and Conditions may only be varied, supplemented or replaced by a document executed by the parties.

12. Definitions

Australia Post means Australian Postal Corporation (ABN 28 864 970 579) trading as “Australia Post”, 111 Bourke Street, Melbourne, VIC 3000.

Campaign means Australia Post’s Local Business Heroes Campaign.

Claim Period means the period in which each prize element of the Heroes Package must be activated and taken, which is between 01/07/22 and 31/10/22, inclusive.

Insolvency Event means the occurrence of any event of insolvency including a winding up application being made and not withdrawn within twenty one (21) days, a failure to comply with a statutory demand, the appointment of a provisional liquidator or administrator, the entering into of an arrangement with creditors, a voluntary winding up other than for the purpose of a bona fide corporate reconstruction, any inability to pay debts as and when they fall due, any admission of insolvency, any court order relating to any of the above or anything which occurs under the law of any jurisdiction which has a similar effect to any of the above.

LAM means local area market.

parties means the Winner and Australia Post, and party means either one of them.

Small Business means a business that employs fewer than 20 employees.

Heroes Package Survey means the online survey that each Winner is required to complete in order to indicate each specific prize the Winner wishes to claim, which is located in the link provided in the Winner Notification Email.

Terms and Conditions means the Heroes Package

Terms and Conditions as contained in this document.

Winner means the Local Business Hero as determined by Australia Post in the Campaign.

Winner Notification Email means the email sent to the Winner by Australia Post (or its representative) notifying the Winner that Australia Post has determined them to be a ‘Local Business Hero’ for the purposes of the Campaign.

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