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Local Business Heroes Campaign ("Conditions of Entry")

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  1. Promoter
  2. Competition Period
  3. Nominator Entry Restrictions
  4. Nomination Form
  5. Customer Entry Restrictions
  6. Nomination Method:
  7. Customer Prize Winner Determination
  8. Customer Prize Details
  9. Nominator Prize Winner Determination (for the Major and Minor Prize)
  10. Nominator Prize Details
  11. Internal Recognition Component
  12. Prize Pool
  13. Entry Limits
  14. Winner Notification
  15. Customer Prize Acceptance Details
  16. Prize Acceptance and Claim Date/Time
  17. Unclaimed Prize Details
  18. Further Conditions:

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Australian Postal Corporation (ABN 28 864 970 579) trading as “Australia Post”, 111 Bourke Street, Melbourne, VIC 3000.

Competition Period

9:00am (AEDT) on 14/03/2022 to 11:59pm (AEDT) on 25/03/2022.

Nominator Entry Restrictions

Open only to Post Office Staff (including LPOs, CPOs and BCs), Australia Post Small and Medium Business Account Managers and Australia Post Customer Service staff (“Nominator” or collectively known as "Nominators").

Nomination Form

Post Office staff will be able to access the Nomination Form through their Post Office Portal, and the following link: https://forms.office.com/r/rb9u48wzx9

Australia Post Small and Medium Business Account Managers will be able to access the Nomination Form through the Friday Extra article, the BG&I Hub, and the following link https://forms.office.com/r/Behqujrwuj

Australia Post Customer Service staff are able to refer Small Business customers to visit their local Post Office or contact their Account Manager to be nominated. Referrals will need to be recorded by completing Referral Form which can be .accessed through the following link https://forms.office.com/r/ndt...

Customer Entry Restrictions

Only a Small Business that has a relationship with their local Post Office i.e., linked customer or has an Australia Post Account Manager and operates their business primarily within their Local Area Market as defined by Australia Post (“LAM”), will be eligible to participate in the Campaign (“Customer”).

For the purposes of the campaign, Small Businesses are those that employ fewer than 20 employees.

Customers must be able to participate in the Customer Prize inclusions between 01/07/2022 and 31/10/2022 (inclusive).

Any Small Businesses owned or controlled by directors, officers, management, and employees (and the immediate families of directors, officers, management and employees) of the Promoter, agencies or companies associated with this Campaign are ineligible to enter.

Nomination Method:

During the Competition Period, a Nominator must:

  • determine suitable Small Business Customers to nominate for the Customer Prize, by taking into account any relevant information relating to the Customer (including alignment to the Australia Post brand, impact to their local community etc);
  • prior to nominating the Customer, clearly read out the privacy statement to the Customer, located on the Nomination Form (“Customer Privacy Statement”) and obtain consent to enter the Customer into the Campaign; and
  • fully complete and submit the Nomination Form (“Customer Nomination").

Customer Prize Winner Determination

The 57 best valid Customer Nominations, (1 per LAM) as determined by the judges, will each win a Customer Prize. In the event that the Promoter deems in its absolute discretion that any or all entries or entrants are not in accordance with the Promoter’s brand guidelines and values or are otherwise deemed to be unsuitable, the Promoter reserves the right to not award any or all prizes allocated for this Campaign (or if a prize or portion of prize is already awarded to/claimed by a winner, the Promoter has the right to withdraw the entire prize or elements of the prize).

Customer Prize Details

There are 57 Customer Prizes to be won. Each Customer Prize is a “Heroes Package” including:

  • an Australia Post Promotion Kit;
  • access to MyPost Business Band 5 savings boost for 3 months OR a Dymo Sending Pack OR an Australia Post Packaging Offer (at the Customer’s selection);
  • Small Business Australia (“SBA”) Package; and
  • An Unaddressed Mail Offer;

valued at up to $5,000.00 (inc. GST) per Heroes Package. See paragraph 8 below for full prize details and conditions.

Nominator Prize Winner Determination (for the Major and Minor Prize)

Upon determination of the 57 best valid Customer Nominations by the judges (in accordance with the Customer Prize Winner Determination section), the judges will then determine the best valid Customer Nomination out of the selected 57 Customers by either an Account Manager or Post Office staff member that are to be awarded a Customer Prize.

The Account Manager or Post Office staff Nominator of the Customer that is determined to be the best valid Customer Nomination, will be awarded a Nominator Major Prize.

The remaining 56 Account Manager or Post Office staff Nominators of winning Customer Nominations will receive a Nominator Minor Prize.

Nominator Prize Details

The Nominator Major Prize is one (1) $500 Australia Post gift card or retail rewards voucher. There is only one (1) Nominator Major Prize to be awarded. The Nominator Minor Prize is one (1) $50 Australia Post gift card or retail rewards voucher. There are 56 Nominator Minor Prizes to be awarded.

Internal Recognition Component

Post Office Local Business Hero nominations

Each Nominator Post Office (i.e. Post Office where at least one (1) staff member completed a valid nomination) will receive points in accordance with the below:

  • 5 Retail Reward Points for one (1) or two (2) nominations by their Post Office outlet; or
  • 10 Retail Reward Points for three or more (3+) nominations by their Post Office outlet.

In addition, an individual from a Corporate Post Office who submits a nomination will personally receive 100 Seeker Points for each valid nomination they submit. Note: This reward is not available to Licenced Post Offices.

  • Retail Reward Points and Seeker Points will only be awarded to nominations that meet the specified nomination criteria.
  • Awarding of Retail Reward Points and Seeker Points are at the discretion of the Promoter. If there is a dispute as to the award of any points, the Promoter’s decision will be final.
  • Seeker Points offer will not be awarded to Licensed Post Office staff.

Sales teams Local Business Hero nominations

$300 gift card for a team activity, awarded to the Sales team nationally that submits the most valid nominations.

Customer Service staff referrals

100 Seeker Points awarded to an Australia Post Customer Service staff member for each ‘converted’ Local Business Heroes nomination referred by that staff member i.e., the referral must result in a valid nomination submission by a Post Office Staff member or Account Manager.

Successful recipients of any Internal recognition rewards will be notified in May 2022 with rewards provided in June 2022.

Prize Pool

The total Customer prize pool is valued at up to $285,000.00 (inc. GST). The total Australia Post Nominator prize pool is valued at up to $3,300.00 (inc. GST). The overall prize pool for this competition is $288,300.00 (inc. GST).

Entry Limits

Multiple nominations are permitted. However, a Nominator can only submit one (1) nomination per Customer.

Winner Notification

Winning Customers will be notified in writing within seven (7) days of winner determination. Winning Nominators will be notified in writing between 02/05/2022 and 27/05/2022.

Customer Prize Acceptance Details

Upon being determined a Customer Prize Winner, winning Customers will be sent an online survey (“Survey”) to complete and accept the Customer Prize. Customer Prize Winners must complete the Survey and accept the relevant Heroes Package terms and conditions (as displayed in the Survey) within 14 days of being notified (“Acceptance Period”).

If a Customer does not complete the Survey within the Acceptance Period, they will not receive a Customer Prize.

Prize Acceptance and Claim Date/Time

Customer Prizes must be accepted within the Acceptance Period and claimed between 01/07/2022 and 11.59pm (AEDT) 31/10/2022 (“Claim Period”). Nominator prizes must be claimed by 11:59pm (AEST) on 31/10/2022.

Unclaimed Prize Details

Where a Customer does not accept a Customer Prize during the Acceptance Period or for any other reason specified in these Conditions of Entry is determined to be ineligible to win a Customer Prize or a Customer does not respond to the Promoter in a reasonable time frame (as specified by the Promoter) with regard to organising/facilitating the award of any element of the Prize, the Customer will forfeit their right to the Customer Prize and the Promoter reserves the right to award that Customer Prize to the next best valid Customer Nomination. The Promoter may also, at its absolute discretion, choose not to re-award a Customer Prize.

If a Nominator does not claim a Nominator Major Prize or Nominator Minor Prize, the Nominator forfeits that prize.

Further Conditions:

  1. Information regarding prizes and how to enter forms part of these conditions. By entering, entrants accept these conditions.
  2. The competition will be conducted during the Competition Period.
  3. Entries must be received during the Competition Period. Entries are deemed to be received at the time they are received by the Promoter’s database and not at the time of submission by the entrant. The Promoter has no control over communications networks and is not liable for any problems associated with them due to traffic congestion, technical malfunction or otherwise. The Promoter is not liable for any consequences of user error including (without limitation) costs incurred in entering the competition. Entrants who enter using multiple email addresses, phone numbers or aliases may be disqualified. Entrants are responsible for their own costs associated with accessing the Internet.
  4. The Promoter is not liable for late, lost, incomplete, misdirected, incorrectly submitted, delayed or illegible entries, correspondence or claims for prizes due to error, omission, tampering, theft, destruction or otherwise.
  5. This is a game of skill; chance plays no part in determining the winners. Each valid nomination will be individually judged (by representatives of the Promoter) based on, among other things, the following regarding the nominated Customer:
    1. Why was the customer nominated?
    2. What makes this business unique? (e.g local community relationship, sustainability, diversity)
    3. What would becoming a 2022 Local Business Hero mean for this business?
    4. What product or service does this business offer?
  6. The best 57 valid Customer Nominations, as determined by the judges, will each win a Customer Prize.
  7. The Post Office/Account Manager Nominator of the Customer determined to be the best valid Customer Nomination will win a Nominator Major Prize. The remaining 56 Post Office/Account Manager Nominators of winning Customer Nominations will each receive a Nominator Minor Prize.
  8. The Customer Prizes are as stated in the Customer Prize Details. In accordance with the Customer Prize Acceptance Details, to accept the Customer Prize, Customers must fill in the Survey, sent via email, within the Acceptance Period. Each Customer Prize is a “Heroes Package” including:
    1. Australia Post Promotion Kit: Winners will have:
      1. their Small Business’ brand featured on point of sale (POS) and displayed in every Post Office in their LAM, for a 30-day period.* This will include:
        1. A1 Poster x1
        2. A3 Bench Mats x2; and
        3. A6 Postcards x100
      2. Social assets & guidelines (assets, and guidelines to use those assets, provided by Australia Post to the winner for inclusion on the Customer Prize Winner’s own social media channels); and
      3. Exposure on the Local Business Heroes campaign webpage (www.auspost.com.au/localbusinessheroes).
      4. Value: $1,400 (inc. GST)
      5. *Display of a Small Business’ brand using the POS promotional kit at any given Post Office within the Customer’s LAM is at the discretion of Australia Post and each relevant Post Office Manager or Licensee.
    2. MyPost Business Band 5 savings boost or Dymo Sending Pack or Australia Post Packaging Offer: Winners will receive their choice of one (1) of the following three (3) options based on what best meets their sending needs
      1. access to MyPost Business Band 5 savings for ninety (90) days*, irrespective of what existing band the Customer is currently on or whether or not they have a MyPost Business Account; OR
      2. A Dymo Sending Pack (includes: DYMO Label Writer, DYMO Label Writer Shipping labels and Dymo Digital Postal Scale); OR
      3. Australia Post Packaging Offer which includes customer selection of Australia Post packing range – boxes, bags, and other packaging material (excluding prepaid & activated packaging) up to the value of $500 (https://auspost.com.au/shop/se...).
      4. Value: estimated value of first option is $500 (inc. GST) based on Average Revenue Per Unit of band 3 to band 5. (Estimated value may increase if the Customer is moving from band 1 or band 2). Dymo Sending Pack option is valued at up to $500 (inc. GST). Australia Post Packaging offer is valued at up to $500 (inc. GST).
      5. Supply of Dymo Sending Pack and Australia Post Packaging Offer is subject to availability and if unavailable (e.g. supply chain issue), Australia Post will work with the winner on a suitable alternative up to the same prize value. *You will access the Band 5 service rates under Send and Save terms and conditions (https://auspost.com.au/terms-c...) for a period of 90 days from activation. The activation date must commence within the Claim Period (01/07/22- 31/10/22). Existing MyPost Business Band 5 Customers will have their savings frozen for a period of 90 days from activation.
    3. Small Business Australia Package: Winners to receive access to Small Business Australia's (SBA) Business Advantage membership for 12-months and a 1:1 Business Coaching session.
      1. Small Business Australia represents the interests of Australian Small Businesses. The organisation is dedicated to building a thriving small business sector that provides financial security for those working in Small Businesses, and continues to support vibrant local communities for all Australians.
      2. SBA 12-month Business Advantage membership includes:
        1. Access business advice;
        2. business training;
        3. business promotion; and
        4. a range of member only savings (over $5,000 p.a.) on several types of business expenses.
      3. Business Coaching: Winners will receive one (1) 60 minute 1:1 consultation* focused on one of the following topics:
        1. Attracting new customers
        2. Keep existing customers
        3. Improving your cashflow and finances
        4. Improving your online strategy
        5. Recruiting and Training Employees
        6. Improving sales results
        7. Improving Personal Effectiveness
        8. Improving Digital Security
        9. *Consultation session will be subject to availability. Advice provided in consultation sessions will be provided for general information purposes (relating to the chosen topic) only and is not intended to be specific, tailored advice for the Customer’s business needs. Australia Post cannot be held liable for any information provided as advice or recommendations. This prize can only be activated once within the Claim Period (01/07/22-31/10/22) and must be used by 31/1/2023.
        10. Value: $725 (inc. GST)
    4. Unaddressed Mail Offer^: Winners to be provided with an Unaddressed Mail promotion, which includes:
      1. 7,500 units of A6 Postcards printed* and delivered up to 7,500 delivery points
      2. A campaign targetter workshop to help optimise the winner’s mailout
      3. *Winner may print and supply their own collateral that meets the agreed specifications (including Australia Post’s brand guidelines) as part of the mail promotion offer at their own cost. If the Winner decides to do this, they will receive delivery of the postcards to up to 7,500 delivery points. Winner supplied collateral is limited to small letter size up to 50g. Delivery timeframes will be standard service only for this prize.
      4. ^This prize can only be activated once and delivered within the Claim Period (01/07/22-31/10/22). Postcards must be posted on the same date, as one lodgement and mail-out. The material contained within the Postcards must be promotional in nature and not transactional (i.e., must not a bill or statement/letter asking consumers to transact. The Promoter has full discretion on approval of any postcards for distribution. The unaddressed mail offer is subject to the winner complying with the unaddressed mail terms and conditions which can be located here: https://auspost.com.au/terms-c....
      5. Value: Up to $2,375 (inc. GST) .
  9. The winners will be notified in accordance with the Winner Notification section of these conditions.
  10. The winners must, at the Promoter’s request, participate in all promotional and campaign activity (such as publicity and photography) surrounding the winning of any prize, free of charge, and they consent to the Promoter using their names and images in promotional and campaign material.
  11. The Promoter may require winners to provide proof of identity, proof of age and proof of residency. Identification considered suitable for verification is at the Promoter’s discretion.
  12. If a winning entry is deemed not to comply with these conditions of entry including if a winner is unable to take the prize, the entry will be discarded and the prize will be awarded in accordance with the Unclaimed Prize Details section.
  13. The Promoter may, in its sole discretion, disqualify all entries from, and prohibit further participation in this competition by, any person (including without limitation a winner) who tampers with or benefits from any tampering with the entry process or with the operation of the competition or acts in violation of these conditions, acts in a disruptive manner or acts with the intent or effect of annoying, abusing, threatening or harassing any other person or behaves in a manner which may diminish the good name or reputation of the Promoter or any of its related bodies corporate or the agencies or companies associated with this competition, is contrary to law or is otherwise inappropriate.
  14. The Promoter may in its absolute discretion cancel a prize or otherwise cease to provide any benefit of the prize to a winner if the winner), in the opinion of the Promoter, is under the influence of alcohol or any other drug, behaves aggressively or offensively, or behaves in a manner which may diminish the good name or reputation of the Promoter or any of its related bodies corporate or the agencies or companies associated with this competition, is contrary to law or is otherwise inappropriate.
  15. The Promoter’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
  16. The prizes are not transferable or exchangeable and cannot be redeemed for cash. If for any reason a winner does not take an element of a prize at the time stipulated by the Promoter then that element of the prize will be forfeited and cash will not be supplied instead. The Promoter accepts no responsibility for any variation in prize value. If a prize or any element of a prize is unavailable for any reason, the Promoter may substitute for that prize or element of that prize another item of equal or higher value as determined by the Promoter.
  17. If an event and/or activity awarded as part of the prize is abandoned, called off or postponed for any reason, they forfeit their entitlement to that component of the prize, and no cash or alternative prize will be substituted for that component of the prize.
  18. If a prize has not been accepted or claimed in accordance with the Prize Claim Date and Time or if, after making all reasonable attempts, the Promoter cannot contact the winner (or the winner does not contact the Promoter) by the Prize Claim Date and Time, the relevant winner’s entry will be deemed invalid and the Promoter will distribute the relevant prize in accordance with the Unclaimed Prize Details section.
  19. The Promoter and its associated agencies and companies will not be liable for any loss (including, without limitation, indirect, special or consequential loss or loss of profits), expense, damage, personal injury, illness or death which is suffered or sustained (whether or not arising from any person’s negligence) in connection with this competition or accepting or using any prize, except for any liability which cannot be excluded by law (in which case that liability is limited to the minimum allowable by law). Nothing in these conditions restricts, excludes or modifies or purports to restrict, exclude or modify any statutory consumer rights under any applicable law including the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth).
  20. Without limiting the previous paragraph, the Promoter and its associated agencies and companies will not be liable for any damage, loss or delay in transit to prizes or be liable for any damage that occurs to prizes whilst displayed on premise at a Post Office. Prizes will be delivered in Australia only.
  21. The Promoter may communicate or advertise this competition using its social media accounts (e.g. Facebook etc.). However, the competition is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, its social media accounts. Entrants are providing their information to the Promoter and not to the social media platforms. Each entrant completely releases all social media platforms from any and all liability.
  22. If for any reason any aspect of this competition is not capable of running as planned, including by reason of computer virus, communications network failure, bugs, tampering, unauthorised intervention, fraud, technical failure or any cause beyond the control of the Promoter, the Promoter may in its sole discretion cancel, terminate, modify or suspend the competition, or invalidate any affected entries.
  23. The Promoter is not liable for any tax implications arising from prize winnings. Independent financial advice should be sought. Where this competition involves, for GST purposes, supplies being made for non-monetary consideration, entrants will follow the Australian Taxation Office’s stated view that where the parties are at arm’s length, goods and services exchanged are of equal GST inclusive market values.
  24. Privacy notice: The information requested on the Nomination Form is being collected by Australia Post so that Customers and Nominators can enter and we can administer this Campaign and its prizes. Without this information, we are unable to process your entry. Your personal information is managed in accordance with Australia Post’s Privacy Policy. This sets out how you may seek access to and correction of your personal information and how to make complaints. A copy is available at auspost.com.au/privacy. Australia Post may only disclose the information provided by you if required or authorised by law, or in accordance with our Privacy Policy. Please refer to the Privacy Policy or contact the Privacy Contact Officer, Australia Post, GPO Box 1777, Melbourne, Vic 3000 for any privacy related queries.

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