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Games of Skill

A game of skill is a competition which requires an entrant to apply a level of thought and skill to their entry, and where the winner/s are determined based on qualitative methods rather than chance.

Most common examples of game of skill

Answer Judgeable Question: Answer a question in 25 words or less, and entries are judged e.g. based on creative merit, to determine the winner.

Post/Submit a Photo: Post a photo which meets certain requirements and photos are judged to determine the winner. E.g. take a photo of yourself at the Melbourne Show and post to your Instagram account

Trivia: Asking entrants trivia questions and awarding prize to person who obtains most correct answers.

Highest Sales: Encourage sales of your products by awarding a prize to the salesperson who sells the highest volume or dollar value in your product during the promotional period.


Does the question have 1 set answer? If you do ask a question, you must be able to judge the answers to determine a winner. If there is only 1 set answer to your question, then this would not be considered a game of skill and you would need to determine another way to choose the winner.


Why do you want to win an iPad? => no set answer => Game of Skill;

Who won the best movie Oscar in 1996 => 1 set answer => NOT a game of skill

Are the winners actually determined by chance?: If you are asking people to answer a set question and then conduct a draw amongst those that obtain the right answer, then this is not a game of skill. In reality, winners are determined based on chance.

Do you need a tie-break mechanic?: If you are running a game of skill where multiple people may be tied (e.g. 2 people have equal highest sales), make sure you consider including a tie break mechanic which is skill based. E.g. asking tied entrants to answer a question, and judging their answers to determine 1 winner.

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