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Plexus is a platform for managing legal tasks and automating contract workflows.

Through powerful, secure and flexible integrations, the platform is easily integrated into your existing infrastructure so you can streamline workflows to increase productivity and improve business intelligence.

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Customer Success Story

UK identify-verification company Onfido execute commercial agreements with hundreds of new customers each year. Prior to using Plexus the time taken from contract request through to contract approval was measured in weeks, and there were dozens of emails sent back and forth between Sales and Legal to confirm the necessary facts in each instance.

Onfido’s commercial team can now selfserve their own sales agreements via Plexus in a matter of minutes. The platform seamlessly populates the relevant opportunity data out of Salesforce without having to switch between the systems, and Legal involvement is no longer required prior to the approval stage, or if certain risk triggers (like contract value) are hit during the drafting stage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Plexus' custom automation apps utilise the Microsoft PowerAutomate platform, allowing us to integrate with and access data from a large range of external systems. This is scoped as part of the custom app scoping process, and configured by Plexus as part of the initial platform setup.

Your IT team will need to help by providing us with access to the relevant API, and notifying us in advance of any accessibility changes.

We have set up webhooks to give you an easy way of subscribing to events happening within Plexus, and you can use these to push documents and metadata into any external system that has an API.

Our current webhook events are: Document Created, Document Sent For Approval, Document Approved, Document Sent For Execution, Document Executed, Document Deleted, New Document Version Published.

Your IT team can configure workflows off these webhooks in any way they like. Alternatively, we have a middleware layer where we can broker the webhook messages to any destination system.

A public API has been on our product roadmap for some time and is currently in beta. Please reach out if you wish to join the beta program.

Due to the complex and varied nature of Plexus' integrations capabilities, all integrations require bespoke scoping. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

We would love to arrange a technical call with your IT department to ensure their questions are answered comprehensively. Please reach out to your Plexus representative who will be happy to set this up.

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