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Plexus matches top-tier legal talent with the dynamic needs of the world’s most successful in-house legal teams

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Legal functions must be agile to win in the modern world

Although 98% of GCs rate Transformation as critically important, only 27% have made a start. The quickest win may be simply to re-think how you resource your function.

1. Engage world class Legal talent

Top-tier trained, in-house experienced and backed by Plexus

Plexus Lawyers bring a wealth of commercial experience to your team, spanning a broad range of industries and practice areas.

Our highly selective process ensures that whether you're after a junior, a generalist or a highly-skilled specialist, the Lawyer we place will add immense value to your team and the broader organisation.

secondee lawyers on demand
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2. Assemble an agile legal team

Respond to volatility, uncertainty and the dynamic needs of your business

Plexus Lawyers help you respond to the fluctuating capacity and capability demands of an in-house team.

Access on-demand talent that complements your internal headcount and firm relationships. Our proven, flexible engagement model is designed to meet your varied needs, including level, type of expertise and volume of work.

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3. Optimise your cost base

Drive greater value by insourcing your external Legal spend

For almost 10 years, our most progressive clients have steadily moved up the strategic curve to ‘insource’ work from law firms, ‘disaggregate’ major projects like litigation and M&A, used secondees to ‘up tier’ the core team into more strategic work or brought in expertise to focus on functional improvements.

The result is the ‘Holy Trinity’ of more satisfied clients, happier teams, and less external spend.

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Immediate engagement

Our lawyers hit the ground running in days, not weeks

Flexible duration

On-demand expertise for anything from a couple of weeks to a couple of years

Top tier trained

Trust their work from day 1, with minimal training and support requirements

Dedicated Support Team

24/7 support, customer success and access to the complete Plexus knowledge base

Our Value Commitment

Halt at any time and receive a pro-rata refund if you’re not seeing value

Exceptional value

Plexus clients see a significant reduction in external spend

Find a Secondee Lawyer in days, not weeks.

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Legal Automation Software

Free your people to focus on more strategic work with Plexus legal automation.

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Matter Management Software

In-house Matter Management Software that helps you get stuff done faster.

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Contract Management Software

Digitise your contract approval and signature workflow, and centralise your system of Legal record.

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Marketing Compliance Software

With marketing compliance software from Plexus, generate perfect T&Cs in minutes, automate your marketing collateral review and launch campaigns in record time without ever missing the "smoking gun". 

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Digital Transformation

A General Counsel's guide to modernising their legal function.

Digi transform ebook

Increase productivity, reduce workloads and simplify your legal processes on a platform built for in-house teams.

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