Leading the Product APAC Conference 2021

Taj Poudel

Product Manager

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In June 2021, the Plexus Product team attended the annual Leading the Product Digital Conference. The conference was an opportunity for the 900+ attendees from the Product community from all over APAC to learn, share and develop technical and soft skills through keynote speeches, workshops, Miro boarding and networking.

Applying a more strategic lens to product management was a key theme of this year’s conference which centred around the 7 T’s of Product-Led Transformation. With brilliant sessions throughout the day including from Larry Diamond, CEO and Co-founder at Zip Co on designing with simplicity in mind as your product matures, and Lisa Tobin, MD of Technology, and Narelle Charity, Director of Product at Seek reinforcing the importance of effective communication and transparency not just within your team, but within the wider business.

The key takeaway from the conference was of course a reminder to try to avoid getting bogged down with the day-to-day and always remember your customer.

As with any (good) company, we are always looking for ways to improve our product and make Plexus Gateway that 1% better each day. Keeping our customers at the heart of all conversations in every department is key to achieving this goal.

Every person on our Marketing, Sales, Customer Success and Engineering teams knows our customer deeply in their own way. As a Product Manager, my role is to take their insight and go further than finding the quickest ‘fix’. By digging deeper we can address the root cause of the problem our customers are facing with a long-lasting solution.

It can feel like a Sherlock Holmes moment when you finally go ‘ah ha, I’ve uncovered it.’

It is also a lot of fun collaborating with our UX and UI designers to create the perfect solution.

By collaborating with our customers we can solve the real problems they face and make it easier for their teams to get stuff done better and build Plexus Gateway in a sustainable way.

Despite a tough year in 2020, the growing trend of all businesses towards embracing and expanding their digital world across all departments has been an exciting step. Dedicating time for continual professional development is one way for us at Plexus to ensure our customers have the best partner possible as they embark on their legal transformation journey.

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