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Creating the future of the Law

Transforming Legal Value

At Plexus, we are problem solvers who thrive on seeing the world differently. Everything we do, we assess against how it optimises the creation of value. We challenge ourselves and every one of our clients to do the same.

When we started in 2011, we were motivated by our observations of the hugely negative sentiment playing out in the legal sector. Strikingly low levels of client satisfaction with law firms, low levels of meaningful innovation or technological advancement and a profession with higher levels of depression than any other. It was truly an environment in need of transformation, and frankly still is.

It is our belief that Lawyers wish to reclaim the passion they have always had about practicing law in stimulating and value-enhancing ways. Lawyers want their intellectual curiosity stirred and their capacity to positively impact the world magnified. At the same time organisations are under increasing pressure to reduce costs and drive productivity. They are demanding new ways of thinking and operating, with a clear mandate for demonstrable value creation from every function, Legal included.

Transforming how legal value is created begins by understanding that not all value is created equally. Our end game is liberating legal teams to focus on high-value business activities by providing fit for purpose technology and talent. Our leadership in legal automaton and agile resourcing services is transforming how legal teams drive productivity and commercial outcomes for their organisations.

Transforming legal value dictates a different future – our role as leaders in this revolution means we will forever be shaping that future and leading that change. It is the challenge we thrive on.

Join the Revolution.

Plexus: The evolution of Legal Transformation


May 2019

Plexus closes the largest venture capital raise in Australian legal history, with $4.65 million raised from investors including some of the country’s most reputable technology leaders.


November 2018

Plexus profiled by Gartner as 'Best Practice in Legal Automation.


April 2017

Plexus opens offices in Washington D.C

March 2017

Plexus launches Legal Gateway. The World's First Legal Operating System


August 2016

Plexus opens offices in London, UK

July 2016

Promotion Wizard achieves the legal industries highest Net Promoter Score


December 2015

Plexus profiled by HBR as an example of disruption in the professional services industry in a update on Clayton Christensen's famous theory


July 2014

Plexus launches Promotion Wizard, a world first end to end Legal automation platform encompassing thousands of regulations across seven jurisdictions

July 2014

In conjunction with Bendigo and Adelaide bank Plexus is recognised as a Value Champion by the Associate for Corporate Counsels

March 2014

Plexus is profiled as a case study on disruption by INSEAD. Macquarie Business School, ACTU, RMIT, AGSM and others soon follow


May 2013

Plexus was nominated a ‘Cool Place to Work’ by The Age

January 2013

Plexus launches 'insourcing' for large projects


September 2012

Plexus launches first 'Disaggregated' litigation


June 2011

The first company to bring innovation to the law, Plexus launches Australia's first 'Partner Free, Lean' Law Firm. Plexus is the first law firm in Australia's history to apply Lean Six Sigma to legal tasks - developing its proprietary 'Lean for Lawyers' process re-engineering framework

The Plexus Way

Our mission

‘Transform the Value of Legal Services’ for the benefit of our clients, our people, and the industry.  We take this seriously.

Our vision

To create the future of ‘The Law’

This culture is encoded in our values:

Positive intent

Our thoughts and actions are founded on goodwill and generosity.

Everyone wins

We seek positive outcomes for every stakeholder.

Be an owner

We own the outcome and act with intelligent autonomy.

I am my word

We deliver on our commitments. What we say we do.

Best Version

We challenge ourselves and each other to grow.

My role at Plexus puts me in a room with some of the most thoughtful, tech-savvy, and engaging minds in the business.

Dougall Stevenson, Legal Consultant

Plexus People

Plexus people are relentlessly curious and hell-bent on challenging the status quo. We are client obsessed, we believe in being ‘the best version of ourselves’, we start with a ‘growth mindset’ and ‘positive intent’, we believe there is always a better way. We set the bar high, are outcome focused and hate politics or anything that gets in the way of great outcomes. We embrace change, as there are no maps for where we are going. This isn’t for everyone.  Many people love the comfort of a big predictable company.  But if you love a challenge, and want to create the future there are few better places to be.

Want to get to know Plexus people a little better?

Our People

Working at Plexus

Plexus people

Our team is framed by diverse minds. Lawyers, software engineers, marketers, analysts, and scientists. Our beginners mindset allows us to strip tradition bare. To highlight root causes and smash the shackles of suffocating outmoded practices. Different thinkers drive different paradigms and a sense of endless possibilities.

Plexus people

We attract like-minded change agents, all endeared with a touch of maverick and a load of talent. Embracing the potency of technology, not for any self serving mandate, but for the transformational legacy that it can create.
Likewise, our ability to attract a community of talented lawyers, inspired by a more dynamic and fluid career setting, means we can resource legal teams in the flexible manner that make sense and deliver optimal value.

We’re always looking for exceptional talent.

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