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Spend your time on strategy, not advertising compliance

Launch marketing campaigns in record time with a compliance workflow that's faster and lower risk than traditional alternatives.


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The fastest way to launch engaging, compliant marketing campaigns.

Keep your brand out of hot water.

Innovative marketing campaigns stand out from the crowd, but misleading claims and violations of consumer law can lead to hefty fines and irreversible brand damage. Advertising Wizard guarantee your marketing activities meet all the necessary compliance requirements while eliminating approval bottlenecks.

World class technology, backed by industry expert lawyers.

Advertising Wizard allows your marketers to quickly self-serve the basics via an online platform but is backed by lawyers who specialise in marketing and compliance law. It’s the perfect marriage between technology and experts to ensure compliance is guaranteed in a fraction of the time, at a fraction of the cost.
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Faster and more flexible than traditional alternatives.

Advertising Wizard takes repetitive and highly specialised tasks off your lawyers’ plates so they can get on with more strategic work. We guarantee a 24 hour turnaround, all year round, regardless of how busy your internal legal team gets.
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Ready for guaranteed compliance for your next marketing campaign?

Why do the world's top brands pick Plexus?

Immediate start

We'll have your environment configured and your team realising value in hours, not months.

24 Hour Turnaround

All compliance reviews are back to you in 24 hours or less, guaranteed.

Reviewed by Real Lawyers

Your marketing collateral is reviewed by specialist lawyers to ensure full compliance with consumer law.

Zero Risk

We are backed by the same professional indemnity insurance used by law firms. Your compliance is guaranteed.

Scalable delivery

Our turnaround times remain consistent all year round, regardless of volume.

90% cheaper with no surprises

Our costs are transparent and tailored to your specific needs so you know what you're getting and how much it will cost before you commit.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Marketing collateral can include print material (posters, wobblers, etc.), point of sale material, billboards and other OOH material, television commercials, radio commercials and a wide range of digital content (social media material, online material, eDMs, etc.).

Anything that is consumer facing should be legally reviewed - if you have multiple pieces, you can always send through a key visual for our review.

Ideally your marketing collateral should be as close to finalised as possible before sending for our review so we can consider the final version available to consumers.

We strongly encourage you to send advertising material through for review via Advertising Wizard – that way, we can ensure your material is fully compliant with any applicable State and Territory regulations and not misleading to consumers. Plus, we guarantee turnaround of artwork advice in 24 hours!

Promotion Wizard is used to submit a request for promotional Terms and Conditions and Advertising Wizard is used to brief through advertising material for legal review.

You can easily invite a colleague to access the Advertising Wizard platform by logging into your account and hitting the ‘Invite a teammate’ link (in the top right hand corner of the home screen).

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Ready for guaranteed compliance for your next marketing campaign?

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