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legal automation software


Legal Automation Software

Free your people to focus on more strategic work.

Automate your 'churn' work today

Free your lawyers to get to the important stuff

Provide automated self-service to the business so your team can focus on more strategic work.

How Legal automation works
legal automation software

Business at the speed of light

Accelerate the performance of your business by standardising and automating your approval workflows.

Contract Approval Workflow
plexus gateway legal automation software

Over 50% of legal tasks are considered ‘low risk’ by GCs, yet most still require legal involvement.

Reclaim time for strategic impact

Focus on more complex work by providing automated advice on routine enquiries.

Legal Workflow Automation
plexus gateway legal automation software

Scale legal expertise across the enterprise

Legal automation puts your best lawyer, on their best day, on every device in the company, 24/7

Legal automation ROI calculator
plexus gateway legal automation software

Automation insights

Track and report on volumes of work through your function

Unlimited end users

Enable all of your users across the enterprise to access Legal Services

Automated approval workflows

Digitise your internal approval process, no matter how complex

Third party integrations

Integrate with third party systems to push and pull data in contracts and workflows

Dedicated Support Team

24/7 enterprise support, customer success and access to the complete Plexus knowledge base

Our Value Commitment

Halt at any time and receive a pro-rata refund if you’re not seeing value

DocuSign Included

Fully integrated with the world's most popular eSignature tool

Get started immediately

Realise value in days, not weeks

Modular Platform

Adopt Plexus Gateway modules one at a time, or all together.

Single Sign-On

Enable platform access via your team's existing login credentials

Negotiation + Collaboration

Cloud-based, and with a full audit trail

ISO 27001 certified

Safer than the Bank of England


“It’s taking an average of 18 minutes for an agreement to be generated, which is pretty fantastic because when we referenced the business case we knew that the average churn time was about 4 hours across the business”

See how L’Oréal is enabling their business to execute faster with Automated Self Service

Watch the case study

Legal Automation Software

Automate your ‘churn’ so your lawyers can have strategic impact

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Increase productivity, reduce workloads and simplify your legal processes on a platform built for in-house teams.

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