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Plexus Gateway

The world’s most advanced digital contracting and workflow platform

Deliver legal tasks faster, more consistently and more cost effectively through document automation, matter management and contract lifecycle management.

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Scale risk management across your business

By automating your administrative legal processes, Plexus Gateway reduces admin, improves compliance, accelerates execution, and frees everyone up to focus on the important stuff.

Contract Management

Negotiate, approve, sign, store & search all of your organisation's contracts via one seamless platform.

Carousel contract

Enable all stakeholders to collaborate, negotiate on, approve and electronically sign their parts of any contract lifecycle, with full visibility over where things are up to at all times.

Once executed, all documents, versions and outcomes are fully searchable via a single, centralised system of record that grows with your business over time so you never lose another contract, or miss another milestone.

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Contract Automation

Escape the churn work by empowering your business to self-serve contracts and legal tasks from end-to-end.

Carousel automation

Deliver rapid, compliant outcomes instantly across your whole business by automating tasks, documents and workflows from end-to-end.

Sign on new suppliers, establish commercial relationships, launch marketing campaigns and much more, all without manual legal input.

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Matter Management

Triage and allocate legal work seamlessly while capturing knowledge and productivity insights.

Carousel matter

Resolve matters faster by automatically routing support requests to the right lawyer, seamlessly.

Demonstrate Legal's value with visibility over all the work that's coming in and out of the function, as well as what’s happening in the business.

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Unlimited end users

Enable all of your users across the enterprise to access Plexus Gateway

Docusign Included

Fully integrated with the world's most popular digital signature tool

Get started immediately

Realise value in days, not weeks

Modular Platform

Adopt Plexus Gateway modules one at a time, or all together.

Dedicated Support Team

24/7 enterprise support, customer success and access to the complete Plexus knowledge base

Single Sign-On

Enable platform access via your team's existing login credentials

Automated approval workflows

Digitise your internal approval process

Negotiation + Collaboration

Cloud-based, and with a full audit trail

Automation insights

Track and report on volumes of work through your function

Third party integrations

Integrate with third party systems to push and pull data in contracts and workflows

Digitally Enabled

Full productivity no matter where you're working

ISO 27001 certified

Safer than the Bank of England


"The way that Plexus Gateway allows the business to manage their own contracts through the lifecycle is so easy. The system has just sold itself to the business." - Jemma Stevenson, General Counsel and Company Secretary, Powerco

See how Powerco is executing faster while reducing risk with Plexus Gateway.

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