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Marketing Compliance

Plexus is Australia's largest provider of T&Cs, random draws and promotional compliance.

Take the stress out of running promotions

Plexus is a one stop shop that allows non-lawyers to create fully compliant T&Cs in less than 24 hours. The self-service Promotions app advises users on all the state, gambling, social media and alcohol regulations. It guides users through the process of creating a promotion, generating compliant T&Cs, obtaining permits, reminders of key dates and all supported by our team of specialist lawyers. As one marketer said to us 'this is a dream come true'.

We guarantee a perfect set of T&Cs in 24 hours or a full refund.

It's little surprise that Plexus has the legal industry's highest Net Promoter Score and now serves most top brands.

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"400 times faster and 30% more cost effective than any traditional alternative."

Tom Bathurst — Chief Justice of the NSW Supreme Court

Why our clients love Plexus

Self-Service App

Plexus's self-service Promotions app prompts users to input the required information needed to ensure all aspects of your promotion are covered. The platform allows for almost every possible type of promotion and if you run into any hurdles, rest assured our promotional lawyers are available to lend a hand.

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We guarantee 24-hour turnarounds for all promotional T&Cs, taking the stress out of tight project timelines.

Low cost

Low Cost

Our fully compliant T&Cs are 40% of the cost of a traditional law firm and our flexible package options allow businesses to pre-purchase bundles creating additional value when managing multiple promotions per year.

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Legal Support

Our promotional law experts are on hand to give guidance and advice for difficult promotions and competition ideas that are outside the box. Our lawyers will ensure you are set up for success and can provide insight on running the right promotion to align with your objectives.

Customer Testimonials

Optus Testimonial for Plexus Promotions Wizard

Ryan McKinnon

Senior Sales Director

"The Promotions app is a ‘god-send’, it’s made our lives so much easier. Being able to handle all of this work through an app is brilliant. Couple that with the service from the Plexus team in Sharmila and Maddie, promotions get turned around super quick. "

BNE Testimonial for Plexus Promotions Wizard

Jenny Brown

Legal Manager

"We ran a 12-month Plexus trial and the feedback was incredibly positive. The real advocates for the platform are the marketers who use it for every promotion and the weight lifted from the legal team has been substantial."

IOOF Testimonial for Plexus Promotions Wizard

Katie Fleming

Events Manager

"The impact on our team since using Plexus has been significant. Using the Promotions app means creating events and campaigns is a lot less stressful, we save so much time and it means we can be confident that everything will be done when we need it. It really is a huge weight off our shoulders. It’s also worth noting that if we get stuck, we know we can turn to the team to get the answers we need."

Coca-Cola Amatil Testimonial for Plexus Promotions Wizard

Alex Bottomley

Trade Marketing Manager, CCA

"What Plexus does for us is it takes the ambiguity, stress and all the unknowns out of the process. We can leave this step until the end, because we know that our Ts&Cs will be back with us, almost same day, and we know how long the permits take. Plexus has made my life a lot easier."

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"Plexus takes the ambiguity, stress and all the unknowns out of the promotion process. We can leave this step until the end because we know that our Ts&Cs will be back with us, almost same day."

Marketing Manager — Major Retailer

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