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27 April 2022

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As one of Australia's largest home loan retailers, the Lendi Group knows a thing or two about marketing. With over 1000 brokers under the Aussie Home Loans banner plus the Lendi online home loan platform, strategic communications are integral to the group’s continued growth and success.

Enter Justine Duffy, Group Manager of Brand and Campaigns at the Lendi Group, who oversees all campaign activity for both Aussie and Lendi.

“For the Lendi Group, marketing activities could be anything from a major above-the-line brand campaign on TV or radio, right through down to social and local area marketing. Within the large-scale campaigns, we often run trade promotions which could be competitions or giveaways.”

Lendi Group Plexus Gateway Promotion Wizard
Justine Duffy, Group Manager of Brand and Campaigns at the Lendi Group

When it comes to running promotions, there is a myriad of legal requirements and regulations to comply with. Maintaining legal compliance only gets more complex when you factor in that each Australian state and territory has its own legislation relating to trade promotions. For Justine, more trade promotions mean incremental pressure on the Lendi Group’s legal team to ensure risk is managed appropriately.

While Legal is perfectly capable of doing the work, the growing demands on their bandwidth are such that they sought an alternative solution: Promotion Wizard.

“We use Promotion Wizard to create terms and conditions for our promotions. For the Lendi Group and for the brands Aussie and Lendi, Promotion Wizard works very well because we do have such a large scale of promotions running for not only customers, but also stakeholders within our broker network.”

“Plexus is beneficial for us from a national campaign perspective, but also at a local area marketing level as well. We've got over 1,000 brokers across Australia, and they also run promotions day in, day out, throughout the year. They're a lot smaller than some of the national ones, so they could be ‘refer a friend’ or ‘gift on settlement’ campaigns.”

Aussie first partnered with Plexus prior to their merge with Lendi in 2016 to support the legal marketing compliance for their trade promotions. When Justine started with Aussie, using Promotion Wizard was already a firm feature of the marketing campaign creation process.

“It was the first time that I've used Promotion Wizard within an organisation. Previously, with a trade promotion, I would be going back and forth with Legal or a Risk and Compliance team. Terms and conditions can be very tricky, very murky waters to navigate.”

Plexus’ Promotion Wizard platform allows users like Justine to enter all the relevant details of their promotion, including competition period, entry and win method, and prize pool. The platform then generates legally compliant terms and conditions which are reviewed by Plexus’ internal specialist marketing compliance lawyers before being sent back to the user.

“On a large promotion, we’ll also work with Plexus when the competition concludes. The winner will be drawn as per stated in the T&Cs and the Plexus team will contact the winner for us and do the fulfillment process. They also keep us in the loop so we can publish the winners on our website and promote them in any other capacity including in advertising material.”

Lendi Group marketing Plexus Gateway

Partnering with Plexus has meant that the Lendi Group can feel confident they can go ahead with marketing promotions knowing they’ve covered all bases.

Plexus’ promotion lawyers are specialists in the field, and so they have a deep understanding of the legal requirements for promotions terms and conditions in all jurisdictions in Australia, including the promotions permit process.

“The thing with permits and terms and conditions and having them created and approved and reviewed in time - it can be quite tricky when we might have a campaign that is only a six week turnaround time. The permit process can take up to four weeks. With Plexus, we've never had an issue with permits being missed or anything like that.”

“Promotion Wizard saves us at least 48 hours of going back and forth with Legal. The ability to create terms and conditions and promotions through the app without having to consult our Legal and Compliance team is just amazing for us, because they're already such a busy team. Legal is probably one of the busiest teams within our organisation, so having the trust and knowledge from the team at Plexus is really crucial for us to get campaigns live in time.”

“100% of our national campaigns that have a competition element now go through Promotion Wizard. I would definitely recommend it. Working with the Plexus team is always really seamless - we've never had any issues whatsoever. ”

“If I was working in the same capacity elsewhere, I would 100% use the platform. Also, I know other members of the Marketing team at the Lendi Group who have recently been added to the platform as well, and their feedback to me has been that it’s very easy to use. They're probably one of our platforms and legal compliance suppliers that provide us with the most support. I couldn't recommend them enough.”

Guaranteed compliance for your next competition, sorted.

Plexus Promotion Wizard offers end-to-end legal support for competitions & promotions. Custom T&Cs and the right permits without any hassles, 90% faster and half the cost of traditional legal firms.


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