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L'Oréal's Legal Innovation Tribe

L'Oréal's Legal Innovation Tribe

See how L'Oreal A/NZ is creating efficiencies by empowering its business users to self-serve routine legal tasks with Plexus Gateway.



Narrator: Hi everyone. It's the L'Oréal Australia and New Zealand legal team. As you know, L'Oréal is leading the revolution of the beauty industry, focusing more on emerging technologies and digital transformation for its consumers in a world that is changing rapidly. Since 2015, the A/NZ legal team has been embracing change by innovating the way we support the business to enable you to move faster while managing legal risk.

With the rise of social media, influencers and our expanding brand portfolio, the volume of routine legal tasks and agreements is higher than ever before. That's why we've partnered with Plexus, the world's leading legal tech company to bring you Legal Gateway, to allow you to self-service via our custom legal apps from any device, wherever you are, 24/7.

Let's take a look at how Legal Gateway can help you.

Legal Gateway is available via our website. You will need to create your own individual account to access it. As of 2018, we have 11 apps at your fingertips, allowing you to do anything from create a contract for customers, suppliers, and other third parties, or perform a supplier checklist, or generate instant competition Ts and Cs.

One of the apps that we have available at the moment across Australia and New Zealand is a confidentiality agreement app. Let's take a look. You can generate a confidentiality agreement in a few simple steps. After you enter all the details, the confidentiality agreement will be automatically generated and sent for electronic signing by the other party. The contract is then saved on our digitised contract manager, which is another app available on Legal Gateway.

If you're an approver, for example, a financial controller, or you're a signatory to a contract, you can see your list of outstanding tasks under notifications. To search for a document you've uploaded or created, click on document list under the tab label documents. Use the search field to find a contract or document that you're looking for. Click on any contract to see more detailed information.

From this page, you can download a copy of the document, see a summary of what's happened so far with the document under Activity Feed. You can also leave comments here for the approver or signatory of the document. Approvers and signatories can also leave questions here that need a response from the contract owner.

You can upload a supporting document as an attachment. Use this to provide any additional documentation that will enable finance and legal to approve the document more quickly. You can check on the status of your contract at any time by clicking on Approvals and Signatories tabs.

Once someone has approved or signed your contract, you will see a green tick. If you're an approver or signatory, you will receive an automated email with a link. Go ahead and click on the green button. For approvers, this will take you to the document on Legal Gateway for you to review and approve. For signatories, this will take you to Legal Gateway. Click on the green Sign button and it will take you through to DocuSign, where you can leave your electronic signature. Accept the Ts and Cs, scroll to the right place in the document where you need to sign, and then click on the signature in the left-hand side toolbar. You can add in date signed, your name, the company, or anything else listed in the left toolbar. Once done, click finished to complete the process. The contract will now automatically be sent onto the next signatory for electronic signature. Once the contract is fully signed, the contract owner will be notified by email.

If you have any questions or feedback, please get in touch, and stay tuned as we have more apps on the roadmap. The Australia and New Zealand legal team is committed to making legal support efficient, agile, and more collaborative than ever before, so we can be ready for the future together.

Rodrigo Pizarro, Managing Director | L'Oréal A/NZ: So, the app I use most of the time is contract validator app. It is so much easier, I get directly an email and sign it online. It's very easy to do, so it's really changed, just about the future.

Jess Jackson, Human Resources Administrator: The tool I use is Legal Gateway, and I use the HR app. Without the tool it would have taken me 20 to 30 minutes, and now with the tool, it's anywhere between two and five.

Wendy Cox, Executive Assistant: The contract manager app, it's definitely a one-stop shop for people when they're looking for a particular contract. There have been times in the past where people have gone to multiple other staff members trying to look for the one contract, but now that we know that everything's stored within the Plexus system, we don't have that issue anymore.

Sarah Rogan, Management Trainee: The apps really easy to use. It cuts down on time when drafting through contracts and having to review them with the legal team, and it smooths the approval process, as well.

Ali Fleming, Senior Social & Comms Manager: The really positive thing about this app is that we can send an agreement to them digitally, they can sign digitally, and it's really working in a space that they're very comfortable with.

Rodrigo Pizarro: We are a company that is really trying to evolve in terms of innovation. We will base not only in terms of innovation of products and services, but now we have to make sure that everything else that we do is innovation as well. Everything that we try to do as a vision for the company, for the future.

Read the L'Oréal // Plexus Gateway case study here

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