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My Lancome Rewards - New Zealand ("Conditions of Entry")

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My Lancôme Terms and Conditions

• The 'My Lancôme Programme is operated by Lancôme on behalf of all registered Lancôme stockists in New Zealand (excluding Duty Free stores and online purchases). Each member of the 'My Lancôme' Programme is bound by these Terms and Conditions, as varied from time to time.

• Use of the 'My Lancôme' card and membership to the "My Lancôme programme constitutes acceptance of the terms and conditions outlined below.


• You can join "My Lancôme by asking your Lancôme Consultant in store. When applying, you must provide information for all the mandatory fields including your correct name, telephone number and email address.

• Membership to the 'My Lancôme programme is free, and open to any new or existing Lancôme customer.

•When you apply, you will receive your membership number and card, which can be used immediately to earn My Lancôme points.

• 'My Lancôme' will not send direct mail communications to addresses outside of New Zealand.

•Only individuals can apply for 'My Lancôme membership. Corporations, partnerships, trusts and other entities are not eligible to participate. Employees of Lancôme and their direct families, including Lancôme Beauty Advisers and registered Lancôme stockists, are not eligible.

• Your 'My Lancôme Card and points are not transferrable, and can only be used by the person whose name is on the card, identification may be asked for.

• You may hold only one card and membership number. Memberships and cards cannot be held jointly.

•'My Lancôme' is not responsible for lost, damaged or stolen My Lancôme Cards. To request a replacement card contact your registered Lancôme stockist.

• Members must purchase any Lancôme products) at a registered Lancôme counter every 12 months to retain 'My Lancôme membership. If no transactions are made during this period, My Lancôme membership will be deemed inactive and all My Lancôme points forfeited.

Earning Points

• You will earn one My Lancôme point for every dollar you spend on any Lancôme products) at a registered Lancôme stockist nationwide, excluding Online and Duty Free stores. Once you are a 'My Lancôme' member, there is no minimum spend per transaction required to earn My Lancôme points.

• If you earn 2000 or more My Lancôme points within a 12 month period, you will automatically become a Platinum member. Your valid 'My Lancôme Card or membership number must be presented at the time of sale for My Lancôme points to be earned.

• My Lancôme points cannot be retrospectively allocated once a purchase is complete.

• 'My Lancôme' may offer bonus points or exclude points on some products, during selected promotional periods, sales or events from time to time on terms set by Lancôme at our discretion. For special promotions other terms and conditions may apply.

• Each time you earn My Lancôme points your points balance total will be updated. 'My Lancôme' will send you a points balance record by post or email from time to time, setting out opening points balance, points recorded and deducted during the period and the closing points balance. You can also ask the Lancôme Beauty Adviser at your registered Lancôme counter for your current points balance.

• For members that earn up to 1999 My Lancôme points, all points expire one year from the date on which they were earned.

• For Platinum Members (those who earn 2000 or more My Lancôme points within a 12 month period), all points expire two years from the date on which they were earned.

• Any discrepancies in My Lancôme points or rewards must be reported to your registered Lancôme counter promptly. Otherwise the points balance and rewards issued will be deemed to be correct and binding on the member. Lancôme's decision on any such dispute is final and binding.

Reward Redemption

• The 2020 'My Lancôme rewards programme runs from 1st February 2021 - 31st January 2022.

• For a member that has 1999 points or less, any My Lancôme points which are not used to redeem a reward within 12 months after the points were recorded will expire and be deducted from the points balance in a member's points balance record.

• Any My Lancôme points which are not used by a Platinum Member to redeem a reward within 24 months from the day the points were recorded will expire and be deducted from the points balance in a member's points balance record.

• My Lancôme points can be redeemed against any 'My Lancôme reward, as long as the member has sufficient points and membership status for the chosen reward. My Lancôme points cannot be exchanged for cash.

• Only those rewards offered in each reward period are available for redemption. Rewards cannot be substituted for those offered in another reward period.

• To redeem My Lancôme points, simply speak to your Lancôme Beauty Advisor in store to receive your reward instantly, subject to availability

• All rewards are subject to availability. In the event that a 'My Lancôme' reward is unavailable, Lancôme reserves the right to withdraw or replace the rewards with items of similar type and value, Alternatively, if a reward is not available, you may choose another My Lancôme Reward available in store of redemption if you would like to redeem immediately.

• Rewards cannot be returned or exchanged.

• Lancôme accepts no responsibility for late, lost, incorrect or misdirected Reward Redemption Forms.

• Lancôme reward points may only be redeemed in-store at registered Lancôme stockist nationwide, excluding Duty Free stores. Redemption of points online is not permitted.

• The number of points published for redemption of a reward claimed will be deducted from the points balance of the Member's points record, with the oldest points being deducted first.

Returns and Refunds

• If you receive a refund for purchases made with your 'My Lancôme Card, in accordance with the registered Lancôme stockist returns policy, any My Lancôme points earned from that purchase will also be reversed. This excludes the return of faulty goods where a replacement or alternative product is supplied at 'no charge' by the Lancôme stockist.


• Information about members collected through the 'My Lancôme programme may from time to time be used to provide services and information relating to the 'My Lancôme programme and for marketing purposes relating to the programme and Lancôme products, including sending members activity statements, newsletters, product information, complimentary samples, special offers and market research. Personal information received from you via the 'My Lancôme programme will only be used by Lancome for these purposes, except as otherwise required by law or as Lancôme specifically discloses to you when the information is obtained.

• In accordance with the Unsolicited Electronic Messages Act 2007, members may opt in/out of receiving offers via electronic channels (email and TXT) via their application form or personal profile available instore.

• Lancôme will not provide your details to third party companies, except where third parties appointed by Lancôme (for example, our advertising agencies) require access to this personal information in order to perform services for us relating to the 'My Lancôme' programme, or with your consent, or as otherwise permitted by the Privacy Act 2020.

• Lancôme takes measures to ensure compliance with its obligations under the Privacy Act 2020 in relation to your personal information. Members are entitled to access and request correction of their personal information held by Lancôme.

• You can update your personal information at any time at your registered Lancôme counter. If you want to delete your personal information, or you have any questions relating to our handling of your personal information please contact L'Oréal New Zealand Limited's Privacy Officer at Level 2, Building B, 600 Great South Road, Ellerslie, Auckland 1051.

Personal Information

L'Oréal New Zealand Limited, through its Lancôme brand, has collected your personal information for the purposes of developing our relationship with you and providing you with information about Lancôme and its products and other L'Oréal products/brands. If you opt in above, you consent to continuing to receive marketing materials and promotional offers from us (including via email and SMS). Generally, we only disclose personal information to our related companies and to third parties which provide us with (or assist us to provide) products/services. This may involve transferring your information outside of New Zealand including to Australia, the USA, Singapore, Canada and the EU.

Our privacy policy (available at www.loreal.nz) contains information about making a complaint and accessing or correcting the information we hold about you. You can contact us (and opt-out from marketing) by contacting L'Oréal New Zealand Limited's Privacy Officer at Level 2, Building B, 600 Great South Road, Ellerslie, Auckland or telephone 0800 655 444.


• Lancôme reserves the right to alter or amend the Terms and Conditions of the 'My Lancôme' programme, or terminate the entire programme at any time and gives no warranty as to the continuing availability of the programme. Any changes to the Terms and Conditions will be communicated to 'My Lancôme members from time to time and 'My Lancôme' members will be deemed to have accepted any such amendment if the 'My Lancôme member retains his or her 'My Lancôme Card, presents his or her 'My Lancôme Card for the crediting of My Lancôme points or redeems My Lancôme points for any 'My Lancôme' Rewards.

• Lancôme may cancel any membership of the My Lancôme programme at any time in its absolute discretion.

• On closure or cancellation of membership of the 'My Lancôme programme, or termination of the 'My Lancôme programme, for any reason, all accrued My Lancôme points are forfeited. 'My Lancôme is not liable for the value of unredeemed forfeited My Lancôme points.

• A member may terminate his or her membership in the 'My Lancôme programme at any time by giving notice in writing at your registered Lancôme stockist.

General Disclaimers

• Membership cards are not transferable and are the property of 'My Lancôme.

• The 'My Lancôme card is not a credit card.

• 'My Lancôme is not responsible for errors resulting from computer hardware or software errors or failure, or for fraud.

• In case of dispute, the decision of Lancôme shall be final and binding.

• Should any event that is beyond the control of Lancôme, (including, without limitation, strikes, acts of God, civil disturbance, government orders, epidemic, weather conditions, terrorist activities, or war) affect its ability to provide rewards under the 'My Lancôme' programme, the provision of such rewards may be suspended or terminated as Lancôme in its sole discretion so decides and Lancôme shall have no liability to any member in respect of such suspension or termination.

• Lancôme makes no warranties or representations either express or implied in relation to the 'My Lancôme programme or any rewards, and expressly disclaims any and all liability, including any and all consequential losses or damages for goods provided, including without limitation for type, quality, standards or fitness of such goods, except where and to the extent that such liability arises by reason of a negligent act or omission on Lancôme's part.

• Lancôme is not responsible for any correspondence lost or delayed in the mail, or emails/faxes, which have been delayed or lost as a result of a malfunction or breakdown in any electronic system.

• Lancôme may also change, at any time and without prior notice, the goods which are qualifying goods and/ or the number of points which members will receive for purchasing such goods.

Lancôme, Level 2, Building B, 600 Great South Road,

Ellerslie, Auckland 1051.

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