Plexus introduces AI Contract Summaries for Contract Management

01 September 2023

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Free your lawyers!

Plexus is excited to announce our first AI feature for our contract management solution.

For years, our customers have told us they hate having to spend hours summarising the key details of contracts to give their executives context for approval or signature requests. On the other hand, executives need to quickly understand the contracts they are being asked to sign or approve.

Plexus’ newest AI-powered feature will take the tedious task of creating document summaries off the desks of lawyers and paralegals. When a contract is created or uploaded, Plexus AI will read the contract and summarise its key terms automatically. The summary will be available in the Key Facts tab for your lawyers to amend or add further details as desired.

AI Contract Summaries has been built to enhance the efficiency of the Legal team by taking away the admin of reading and summarising documents for approval and signature; speeding up the contracting process and freeing up Legal to deliver recommendations and strategic advice to the business faster.

Legal teams are some of the brightest people in your business who shouldn’t spend endless hours on admin and churn… like summarising documents.

With AI Contact Summaries Plexus contract management customers can now:

Spend less time on inefficient admin, and more time on the things that count

Leverage AI to free up legal teams from lengthy summarisation tasks and keep them working on the higher value legal work.

Keep Legal teams focused

Stop giving legal teams – some of the brightest people in your business – basic, repetitive churn work. AI Contract Summaries will keep Legal teams engaged and focused on the important jobs to be done.

Know the key facts at a glance

By auto-composing an AI-powered document summary, Plexus’ AI Contract Summaries lets users easily understand the key details without having to read long legal documents.

Digest legal documents quicker and easier

Legal documents are long and complex. AI Contract Summaries is the helping hand giving users a quick guide and the information they need to know to move forward faster.

See AI Contract Summaries in action

Plexus helps businesses increase productivity, reduce workloads and simplify legal processes. Get a demo of all Plexus modules including AI Contract Summaries today.


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