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At Plexus, we keep a close eye on the ever-evolving landscape of the legal industry and are always on the lookout for true innovation that drives legal value and helps us change the future of the law.

Over the years, we have witnessed and commented on the rise and fall of the AI hype cycle in the legal world. In 2017, we called out the state of Legal AI as "high on artificial, low on intelligence", emphasising the need for substantial advancements. Then, in 2020, we shed light on the unfulfilled promises of "game-changing" Legal AI solutions that simply weren’t ready yet and left many disappointed.

But today, we are thrilled to announce a breakthrough that changes the game entirely. Introducing Plexus' newest feature of our matter management module: Plexus Draft Advice AI!

Plexus Draft Advice AI is the result of extensive collaboration with our team of engineering experts, leading artificial intelligence specialists and, most importantly, our valued customers — the world’s leading legal functions.

Draft Advice AI has been designed to boost Legal team productivity by dramatically reducing the time it takes for Legal teams to respond to legal support requests from the business.

The new AI-powered feature uses the business user’s input and the AI system’s ability to predict relevant legal concepts to auto-generate an initial structured draft response for lawyers, addressing key issues in the request. The allocated lawyer can then make any changes to add more nuanced legal expertise to the advice before sending it to the business via their automated Plexus workflow.

We understand that business risk management is the utmost priority for Legal functions. That’s why lawyers will always retain complete control over the advice the business sees. The advice generated by Draft Advice AI will only be viewable by the lawyer tasked with the matter, who will review and modify the content as needed. The business user will only see advice when Legal approves the advice and chooses to publish it to their business user.

AI expert and Plexus’ Product Leader on the initiative Melissa Siah said “We’re thrilled to bring Draft Advice AI to Plexus. Plexus’ commitment to innovation and collaboration with customers ensures that Draft Advice is the first AI feature of its kind in the market. Draft Advice will support lawyers by helping them to get all the relevant facts up front, minimising the admin run-around, as well as doing an initial analysis of the legal issues to consider.”

Plexus CEO Craig Harris said, “Plexus is, and has always been, on a mission to create the future of The Law. Draft Advice AI is only our first step into incorporating artificial intelligence into the fabric of our technology. Our product roadmap demonstrates this commitment to delivering customer value, including more AI-powered features, coming soon.”

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