That's a wrap: Everything new to Plexus in 2022

21 December 2022

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Here we are! Already the end of another great year at Plexus.

In 2022 we’ve welcomed hundreds of new users from all around the world to scale their impact and execute legal tasks with certainty and speed including Axiom, Engie, Frank Green, and Royal Bank of Canada (just to name a few).

We’ve seen our customers approve and execute over 26,000 documents and launch over 2,000 legally compliant trade promotions. A special mention to CPA Australia for winning the Shared Service and Outsourcing Network (SSON)’s Automation Impact awards for their use of Plexus technology.

We’ve also heavily invested in R&D this year launching a range of new features to optimise and improve the Plexus platform for our customers, including an improved onboarding experience for new users, better controls for delegations of authority matrixes, and streamlined how users add and edit their intake form questions.

Take a look at all the updates we’ve made this year below.

Improved the onboarding experience for new users

We improved the way users learn to use Plexus so they can start using and loving the platform sooner with a streamlined onboarding experience so they can learn how to start using Plexus straight away and a guided walkthrough that’s tailored to their main reason for creating an account.

Resolve matters faster with custom intake questions

We’ve improved the ability for Admins to capture better briefs with less effort and streamline fact collection. Admins can now customise their intake forms with questions specific to their matter categories, ensuring that the right questions are automatically asked by the business.

Streamlined how users add and edit intake questions to their contract management apps

With the introduction of custom questions, users can further sort and search through their data for contracts stored in the platform providing a clearer, more intuitive experience when adding questions.

Improved the way users can comment on matters to provide more effective legal advice

Users can now utilise advanced comment formatting whenever they comment on a matter. They can communicate with nuance and clarity using bold, italic, indent, links, or bullet point text.

Sped up workflows by assigning multiple users in rounds at intake

Users can now customise their approve and sign rounds at intake to include all relevant users from the get-go.

You’ll be able to notify all users who need to take action at once, leading to shorter cycle times and speedier execution.

Improved controls for your organisation’s delegations of authority matrix

We’ve made it easier for users to assign the correct reviewers, approvers and signers to their documents.

This means all Plexus users operate with greater confidence that every contract is being sent to the right stakeholders to action and empower users to execute faster.

Contextualised your review, approve and sign email notifications with a personalised message

Users can now create messages specific to each recipient in their workflow to be sent when they are notified to review, approve or sign the document.

This helps to speed up document workflows, ensure your document stands out in a crowded inbox, and reduces double handling and follow-up.

Improved Admin controls

Admins now have greater control over user admin functions with better management of roles, document types and organisation units for their individual users.

Plus hundreds of minor improvements including…

  • Updated Promotion Wizard to reflect the recent SA, NSW, and ACT legislative changes

  • Integrated DocuSign Part 11 into the Plexus platform for better compliance with FDA regulations

  • Updated platform language to be more concise and consistent

  • Introduced autosave for drafts at document intake and storage

  • Refreshed the look and feel of document intake forms to make the briefing and storage process cleaner

  • Improved platform load time speed to make executing documents faster than ever

These improvements are thanks to the great feedback from our users.

See you in 2023!


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