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Five top entrepreneurs reveal how they spend their time

By Cara Waters For Smart Company

11 February 2013

Originally published in Smart Company
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Mellett says he realises he needed to sit down and take stock of what he was investing his time in so he listed the areas he dealt with and decided to focus on core tasks.

“That is the core I define as things that only I can do or I can do significantly better than anybody else,” he says.

Mellett worked out that in the last six months he spent 60% of his time on client matters, 15% on working with people which he defines as “talent” and 15% working with business operations on finance and management.

He spent the remainder of his time, a measly 10%, on business strategy and strategy execution but these were two areas Mellett had identified as core.

So Mellett has shaken things up and hired staff to take care of his client obligations and to work on general administration and office management.

“Ideally I will now spend 80% of my time on my core role which is talent, by which I mean attracting, engaging and training and then 20% on business strategy,” says Mellett.

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