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Plexus has partnered with Charleston School of Law to help prepare students for a rapidly-evolving legal sector, by delivering two lectures to students undertaking a class in Legal Technology.

The lectures took place on the 23rd and 28th of July, and were delivered by Plexus Senior Commercial Director Matthew Eddy on the topic of Legal Technology and Legal Transformation. Plexus was invited by Professor Kathleen Brown to present how we think about supporting in-house legal teams and adopting Lean Six Sigma methodology to automate and eliminate manual processes for legal teams.

The partnership extended into providing the students with a trial environment of Plexus Gateway, with which they used to complete homework as though they were a General Counsel of a multinational corporation to test the workflows in Gateway.

In the second session, the students provided critical feedback as to what they liked or disliked about the technology. It was a great learning experience for Plexus, developing our understanding of how the next generation of lawyers think about implementing technology in the in-house legal environment. The students got to experience firsthand one of the leading legal technology solutions on the market, furthering their development as representatives of the future of the law.

We look forward to collaborating with the Charleston School of Law team in the future and wish the students all the best with their legal careers.

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