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That's a wrap: Everything new to Plexus Gateway in 2021

2021 gateway wrap up

One of the major benefits of software-as-a-service is when you buy the platform, you’re also buying that platform’s future R&D investments.

In 2021 Plexus helped hundreds of businesses scale their impact, including global brands like Klarna, CottonOn Group and KFC (to name just a few).

We’ve also invested heavily into R&D to improving the Plexus Gateway experience, and guaranteeing our platform remains reliable, secure and available to our users when they need it.

Take a look at the updates we made to Plexus Gateway just this year!

Improved Workflow Manager

Each year we make significant improvements to Gateway’s core document approval and signature functionality.

In February we introduced parallel approvals so you can collect approvals and signatures faster.

We also simplified the document workflow view while providing more flexibility to quickly add, remove, or delegate approvers and signers.

Workflow manager1 21

Updated document version controls

We updated Plexus Gateway’s document version controls. This gives your team better visibility and control over who can see the document when you have multiple versions.

This ensures your internal negotiations remain invisible to counterparties outside your organisation.

Counterparty Visibility GIF

Flexible document alerts

You can now create reminders with custom messages for contract review dates, expiry and other key milestones from your document.

That means less following up for users and more confidence for their teams.

Document alert 21

Streamlined signup and login

We refreshed the log in and sign up experience to be simpler and easier so users can get on with the important stuff sooner.


Simplified document list

Thanks to feedback from Plexus Gateway users, we’ve simplified the Document List columns to make them easier to filter and navigate.

Document list view switch

Improved document comparison tool

We’ve updated the look of our comparison tool so you can find content, format and styling changes faster, and more easily navigate between changes and edits to ensure compliance.

gateway-comparison tool

Streamlined reviewer notifications

We've improved how documents are assigned, delegated and shared with individual reviewers so users only get notifications for documents they're actually working on. It's also easier than ever to invite reviewers to collaborate.

Gateway review notifications

Improved document workflows

We’ve improved document approval and execution progress to make it easier for users to track contract progress, execute faster and know what’s coming next for their document.

Document Modal GIF

App Builder

We’ve continued to develop and improve our automation application so complex apps can be built using a simple no-code drag and drop interface.

We’ve expanded the feature set to cover a wider range of use cases, improved the user experience and added support for external integrations.

The result? Things that used to take hours now take minutes.

Plus hundreds of minor improvements including:

To our wonderful clients, thank you for being a part of the Plexus Gateway journey in 2021.

Next year will be our biggest year of product improvement yet.

If you want to execute faster and focus on higher value legal work in 2022, and aren’t (yet) a Plexus Gateway user, you can arrange a free trial:

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