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Games of Chance

A game of chance is a game whose outcome is determined purely by chance. For example, it would be considered a game of chance if winners are determined by a random competition draw or a scratch and win mechanic, where no skill is involved in determining a winner.

Most common examples of game of chance:

In Australia, a game of chance trade promotion is called a Trade Promotions Lottery.

If you want to run a game of chance trade promotion, you need to do your homework. Each state has limits and restrictions in place. Some states require you to apply for a permit first before running your game of chance.

For example, South Australia only requires you to have a permit for a “major trade lottery” where the total prize pool value is greater than $5,000. Whereas in New South Wales, a permit is required if the lottery promotes a trade or business, regardless of prize value.

Unsure if your promotion is a game of skill OR game of chance?

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